The Official Minecraft Annual 2018

2018 annual

The Official Minecraft Annual 2018!!

Minecraft Annual 2018

The official Minecraft Annual is published each year to celebrate of Year gone by and the 2018 annual will reawaken the  Adventures Inside of you from 2017!

In this years Annual you will find some cool survival stuff for would be adventurers to get their imagination into. There are great features about Adventure Mode and Realms giving inspiring urges for adventure ! You will also be given ideas for map builds and ideas for real life adventures!

There are also interviews with Minecraft You Tubers’ Story Mode memories and accounts of the Mojang team’s epic adventures they have been on to bring you the very best Minecraft has to offer.

Parents there is a lot of content in the official Minecraft Annual to keep your little cherubs adventuring for the whole year!

My View

The Annual is full of engaging content for the children and is well prepared and presented in good order.


My rating:  97/100

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Review for Parents

The official Minecraft Annual 2018 cover follows past designs and has a slightly Eastern Mystical appeal to it In stark contrast receiving a parcel from a private seller in a bad packaging with corners and the spine of the book scuffed and bumped I found buying direct from Amazon the book arrived in a stiff cardboard wallet that denied any chance of damage. The book was in perfect condition. Being an amazon Prime member meant I had free delivery as well and it arrived the following day after I ordered it.

The Annual itself is packed with fun things for your minecraft crazed kids to enjoy via articles to read or activities to do, and it’s the cheapest I have found it.

Because of the reasonably price this is ideal to buy other than for Christmas or Birthdays, It is a great item to buy for prizes for school competitions or party games or even for a well done treat without breaking the bank.

Who is Ideal for?

The activities in the book are a great way for parents to interact with their children and learning why they love Minecraft so much by doing these activities with them on the game.

I would thoroughly recommend this book for any Parent with Minecraft crazy children or teenagers!

I hope you find this review helpful and I would love to here what you think of this book by commenting below.

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The Official Minecraft Annual 2018




engaging content


parent interaction


multiple uses





  • ideal for quiz prize
  • stimulating and engaging
  • covers product launches from 2017 so readers can cover them again
  • parents have a chance to interact with thier childrens interests
  • ease and readable print for children

4 Replies to “The Official Minecraft Annual 2018”

  1. Price


    engaging content


    parent interaction


    multiple uses




    This is perfect. I’m trying to be more engaging with my kids and I thought Minecraft is a great way in.
    My kid will love this and I’ will learn more about Minecraft at the same time.

    1. Hi

      I can speak from experience and confirm that you will engage more with your child and discover what a great resource minecraft is Vince.

      best wishes

  2. Price


    engaging content


    parent interaction


    multiple uses




    The Minecraft annual 2018 has really helped me engage and learn about this game and why my son Loves it so much.

    The book has really helped me to understand the characters of the game.

    1. That’s how I learnt about Minecraft with last years annual.

      It’s full of useful tips to get the hang of the game fast.

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