The Minecraft 2b2t Server! Prepare to Re-Spawn a 1000 Times Over!

The Minecraft 2b2t Server! prepare to Re-Spawn 1000 times over!

Now it is well known that time moves in a different way in the Minecraft world! a Minecraft day is around twenty minutes long and night lasts around seven minutes however there is still plenty of time to get crafting during a Minecraft day with the right kit and the right materials much can be accomplished.

Minecraft is at the top of the list for the most popular games that are played around the globe and are credited with creativeness and construction during play that really stimulates both adults and children alike. The Virtual Lego type game has also been and is being used in education tools in schools along with many after school clubs being set up as well.

The game is also versatile with different game modes to play such as Multi-player servers or single servers. The multi-player servers enhance social activity where other games can cause recluseness however communal servers have strict rules to follow, it easy to get banned by destroying another players building or acting with aggression towards another player. Good manners and common courtesy are promoted.



2b2t Server


There is an anarchic server that is the oldest and unruly server on Minecraft which offers a lawless world where anything goes! Here, aggression is allowed and promoted and survival is a rarity! it is not for a novice player! The server is made up of 1 x1 digital bricks and gives an unrestricted rein to anything you want to do!

Now though the 2b2t server is being bombarded by war.

Anarchy Servers

There has always been a dark tradition on Minecraft and that is the Anarchy servers. Now when you are playing In a standard server, you get dropped into a randomly generated world, whereas you know you mine for resources in order to erect structures in your own design using one block at a time.

In Survival Mode, your search for food and fight off zombies and the odd Wolf at night hence it’s called Survival mode!

There is also a more free form creativity mode, this allows players to have unlimited health and resources and lets you join up to play with friends and strangers online in safety. On this server, players are advised not to attack other players or destroy buildings or to use Adult speech as this is not permitted.

In Anarchy Servers there are no such rules! this is for hardcore players who are allowed to play uninhibited by rules and regulations and can play in an inhospitable way. generally, it is a good idea for players to bury their supplies, and arm themselves to the teeth while being prepared to die many times over! It sounds like fun!

2b2t stands for 2builders2tools was originally created in 2010 by a user named Hausemaster. 2b2t quickly became known as “the worst place in Minecraft.” 


2b2t overhead Map


2b2t server has its own subreddit and also a webcomic! You can even lookup the news on  “2b2t Press!”

This is where players can post any updates that may be happening during the ongoing war.

When 2b2t was first created, the very first settlers were players from one of the forums called Facepunch. This originated the “Facepunch Era.”

During this time the new members if this era began to map out the new server and construct bases and factions were then formed along with rival forums with each group raiding each other’s work and destroying buildings.

If you fast forward to the present day the 2b2t server is even more chaotic with two camps at war with each other and each camp divided into ranks.

You have “Rushers” who are made up of new players and are inexperienced and disorganized who seek to infiltrate 2b2t’s settlements and claim them as their own. Rushers will do battle with “veterans,” who as you probably guessed, are more experienced players to the server and have rigged the entry point where new players arrive which is called the  “spawn”  with traps to kill off new players straight away!

Harsh don’t you think!!

The server is also full of cruel traps and fake sanctuaries that will explode in flames while pits that will drop you into a river of lava along with false floors that open into prisons built from ultra-strong obsidian so there is no escape as it is too hard to dig through so you will have no choice but to queue up and start again!

There is no doubt that the 2b2t server can be very frustrating and more than one player around the world has been left shouting at their monitor at some point no doubt.

If you manage to survive the hidden traps and blood thirsty factions then there is much to explore in the 2b2t server as there’s so much that it says about the design and nature of Minecraft from an archeological point.

The 2b2t server is certainly a place to experience if you want to test your Minecraft skillsets but be prepared to spawn and re-spawn on a regular basis!

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