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This guide is easy and worthwhile for any beginner to Minecraft and is easily stored as it comes in e-book form rather than paperback so it is in fact very environmentally friendly!

I rate this book 95/100. the beauty of this book is the quickness it can be delivered as it is even faster than Amazon !

With Creepers, Skeletons, Spiders, Spiders with Skeletons on their backs, Zombies and a whole bunch of other bad guys to avoid while you learn the ropes then the beginners guide to Minecraft will help you survive the first night. It is hard to know what to do when you are new to a game as it is.

Minecraft is a very in depth game and there is alot more to it than just breaking and stacking blocks to make wonderful designs, At bight it is a dangerous place.

To really grasp this game and to do well and survive your first night you need to become accustomed to how the game is played and have a good plan in place and that is where  The Beginners Guide to Minecraft (Minecrafter Secrets) can teach you how to do just that.

You will Be shown how to craft and build and how to farm the land. Learn what different minerals can do to help you, how to defend and how to attack it’s all in this wonderful guide.

This guide as stated is ideal for the beginner or is just as ideal for someone used to playing the game as there is always something to learn.

I found this guide for $19 but thought that a bit expensive so  have managed to source it elsewhere for $9.95

you can buy from Minecraft secrets : click here to buy for $9.95

This can be bought worldwide via paypal on minecraft secrets

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