The Answer to The Water Tank Puzzle

Einsteins Water Tank Puzzle – The Answer

I never thought this puzzle would create sp much Engagement on my site! on January 31st, 2019 I had 739 hits on this one page so I guess it may be time to let you all know the answer which I will do further down!

Although the name of my website is Minecraft that’s not all we review here, feel free to browse and say hi!


Albert Einstein was not just known for E= MC2, as you know this genius was also well known for his puzzles! in fact, he has so many that there are books written about them.

Below are two of the best selling books on how Albert Einstein mind worked and also, of course, his puzzles!

Right, it’s now time for the answer!

On the following page, I will not only tell you the answer but I will show you how it works so here goes!

Click Here For the Answer!

Albert Einsteins Water tank puzzle





11 Replies to “The Answer to The Water Tank Puzzle”

  1. Of course tank “F” will be first to fill, can’t be D, G or E due to blockage from C to D. J will only fill half way, so it can’t be L, I, K or J. L will only fill 3/4 of the way before F fills to the top…can’t be H due to another blockage.

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