Rich Dad Cashflow 101 Board game

The Cashflow 101 Board Game

For this review I am going of topic. I created this site for parents to be a guide so you and I  can get an understanding of the game but also to source products related to the game at the right prices so none of us pay over the odds.

It’s got me thinking about other products out there that could be beneficial to my children and to yours hence I am bringing this game to your Attention.

I have always played Monopoly with my kids as I believe it is a very good teaching tool engulfed in a game that can teach children about money in a fun way.

Cashflow 101 board game is an Idea by Rich Dad Poor Dad author Richard Kiyosaki,  He got this idea from monopoly but builds on this concept by being able to teach your children the financial education required to help them in later life which is not taught in Schools.

Have you ever wondered why a lot of athletes and actors end up bankrupt later on in life? It’s mainly due to bad investments as they never got taught about the financial education before they made their money.

To explain how it works I have a video here of the Creator Richard Kiyosaki himself showing you how it works:

The Rich dad game of Cashflow 101 was designed to make Financial education fun by putting your finance skills to the test and escape the rat race! As in real life, within the game all the same obstacles are there for you to avoid!

I really enjoy playing this game with my children and I am going to rate it:

there is also a Cashflow for kids which is the same as Cashflow 101 but a little easier for them to understand.

The price ranges vary but the the most updated version is on amazon priced at:

USA: Cashflow 101 $50.98 Click here to buy

USA: Cashflow for kids: $48.34 Click here to buy

UK: Cashflow 101 : £59.95 Click here to Buy

UK: Cashflow for kids : £59.95 Click here to Buy

Do not pay more than 360 or $60 for this game!!

While sourcing this Rich Dad board game I came across a listing on Amazon UK for £397! It is clearly the same board game sold by a third party. This is exactly why I do these reviews for my fellow parents.

do not pay more that £60 or $60 for this game, I have seen this listed for £397 on Amazon UK which really annoys me as it’s the same game! This is exactly why I do these reviews for my fellow parents!

It takes time to learn how to play it properly but it is a real eye opener on how real life plays out and for that I feel it is a vitally important game for adults and children to play.

This game will help you and your family gain the knowledge on how to be wealthy and that with be life changing.

It’s a real eye opener when you play for the first couple of times when you find out about your style of financial management but you alots learn how to improve it and more importantly teach your children new and improved methods.

In Monopoly we learn how to buy real estate and get a return on our investment via rent paid to you however In Cashflow 101 you can take it one step further and learn how to invest and make revenue other ways as well.

Cashflow 101
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Rich Dad board game Idea is for players to escape the rat race, there is an interesting article on this that you can read which covers work related stress (here) 

At the start you receive a card with your profession on and your salary. you need to escape the rat race as quick as you can and propel yourself into the fast track which is the outer board and it is here where you can create real wealth. The riskier your behavior and decision making  are the more you could lose! and this is where you can learn about finances. It’s a game to have fun with but a game to learn from and take into the real life. Playing can show your true real life behavior and afterwards once you reflect where you went wrong you will have more experience next time hence real life mistakes can be kept minimal. 

This game is for adults and children there is no ideal set of people it’s for everyone. I have enjoyed playing this game over and over again and I have learnt a great deal about myself, my 12 year old can tell an asset from a liability aswell as some adults all through learning with play.

My verdict is that I thoroughly recommend this game for the whole family!

To buy click on either UK or USA

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cashflow close up







Have you played this game before? if so let me know how you got on in the comment section! I hope you enjoyed this review.



Rich Dad Cashflow 101 Board game






family fun


easy to play





  • teaches you about finances
  • realistic to real life
  • easy navigation board
  • stimulating
  • learning through fun


  • takes time to learn but worth it.

6 Replies to “Rich Dad Cashflow 101 Board game”

  1. Price




    family fun


    easy to play




    Currently, I am a university student at UC Santa Cruz. Growing up, I was never taught any basic financials. Because of your review, I think I am going to get the game and play it with my friends for us to better understand money. Thank you so much!

    1. HI Alex

      It’s a great game and there is a secret to it that can play out in real life, I’ll tell you one day if you wish!

      I’ve actually ordered this game for my kids for Christmas as I believe in it so much

  2. Hi Darren, I was very impressed with your site. It was very different from anything that I have seen before, I want to come back to it later when I have more time to spend on it.

  3. Price




    family fun


    easy to play




    Great idea but a little difficult to understand the rules but when you do…. WOW what an eye opener!!

    I’m so glad I bought this game it’s some next level stuff from monopoly!!!!

    1. It’s awesome isn’t it and a great way to teach adults and children the rules of life!

      We play it all the time !

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