Minecraft’s Lego Mountain Cave – USA/Canada


From $249.95


The dimensions of this Lego set will need a decent sized space to display it once you have built it as it measures in at:

12” (31cm) high, 20” (53cm) wide and 11” (29cm) deep 

Weighs in at 5.1kg or 11.24lbs! This is truly the biggest Minecraft Lego set that has been produced!

The price unit breakdown is 9 pence/cents.

Here’s a rough breakdown of some of the pieces that help make up this amazing set:

eighteen 2×2, eight 2×6, twelve 6×6 khaki green plates

twenty-nine 2×2 bricks

18 2×2 slopes in translucent-blue,

twelve 1×4 masonry bricks

seven 6×6 plates in nougat,

many basic bricks and plates in white, tan and reddish-brown.

The bulk of the set is pale gray, including basic pieces such as: 62 1×2 bricks, 56 2×6 bricks, 28 2-stud wide wall panels, 18 2×4 tiles, 46 1×6 tiles, 36 1×6 bricks, 10 1×16 bricks and 18 1×16 LEGO Technic bricks plus 28 1×2 corner bricks, 83 1x2x2 bricks to name but a few!

There are other colors involved such as different shades of greens’, yellows’, orange, reds, blues, darker grays, black, and see-through colors.

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Minecraft’s Lego Mountain Cave – USA/Canada – from $249.95

The Lego Minecraft mountain cave has 2863 Lego units in the set. Now when you break that down, works out to 9 cents per unit. 

Out of that 9 cents per unit you have to allow for the cost of making that unit as well as labor and energy.

Lego Minecraft’s Biggest Lego Set to date for serious Minecraft fans and Lego enthusiasts


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