Piper Computer Kit With Minecraft Raspberry Pi Edition

The Piper Computer Kit – Minecraft Raspberry Pi Edition

I remember when I was a kid, Mobile phones never existed, We entertained ourselves with our imagination and played out for hours on end. I like so many were hands-on, we have camps, built go-karts, made stuff to play in but can the same be said of today’s kids? The world has changed and the streets where my generation grew up and played on, where we were safe to have long gone.pi computer

Technology has advanced so much as well! Do kids have a virtual world at their fingertips? Yes too much!

Kids today have too many gadgets that they take for granted but how many of them understand how they work? Is it not important to know how things work?

Thanks to a company called PIPER they do believe that children should know how stuff works. It’s the only way we can understand the world around us surely?



Nowadays our children use technical gadgets from an early age but would it not be a good idea if they knew how they worked and not took them for granted?

The Piper Computer kit has everything you require to build your own computer! There is also a unique learning system that will show children and teach them how to engineer and program through a system of a storyline, actual hands-on building and of course a little help from Minecraft! enter Raspberry Pi edition!


minecraft coding


The Piper Computer relieve your child to progress through games developed by the tentacle skills and approaches deleting things have solutions such as critical thinking, building, electronics, problem-solving, computer coding and also growth mindset these are the basic fundamentals of the child will learn for the piper computer system



How did Piper come up with the Idea?

Several years ago, the team at Piper had the same goal and that was to create products to make our world a better place. In order to achieve this, the team had to learn how to do programming, electronics along with other skills.

All the new experiences taught us that learning the actual concepts is not as difficult as first thought. It is not actually that difficult to build electrical circuits or to write a line of JavaScript.

The difficulty that is required to overcome occurs from thinking you need to be a computer expert. The thought of technology being too complicated to understand. You can do it and so can I.

Piper is a tool that allows children to create with code and electronics. This comes just as easy as creating a structure from Lego!

Why You Should Buy This Product

Once you buy Pi Edition assembly starts by building the wooden components into a computer case, This is the exploration base where all the crafting of the electronic modules is made into real, working gadgets.

This amazing product gives you and your child the ability to create with the latest electronic components right out of the box!

All Computers made by Piper come with PiperUniverse which is a new teaching system designed by Princeton and Stanford scientists to use the power of Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft to teach programming, engineering, electronics, and critical thinking.


piper computer kit

The Best Experience?

The box claims the kit is suitable for 8+ years of age but I would suggest that an Adult will need to assist with the build and form 13 onwards a child will have the understanding and patience to operate on their own.



Piper Computer kit

I would suggest unboxing the battery and speaker the day before you begin to build to enable getting a full charge. the battery pack will need approx 6 hours and the speaker for 1 hour.

You have the opportunity to assemble over fifty puzzle-like pieces to make a wooden case and power-up boxes. The kit comes with  The kit comes full-scale blueprint instructions just like real industry designers have. The assembling process of building your first computer will be challenging and amusing and will give you a sense of accomplishment.

The Piper learning system that is included with each product will help show and teach children the concepts of engineering and programming through engaging storyline and constructing and Minecraft: Raspberry Pi Edition by increased challenges that will help them learn new electronics and programming concepts step by step and to overcome problems faced with designing and building everyday gadgets we take for granted.


piper building instructions


The Piper computer kit is in my view an exceptionally good idea and a brilliant learning product. It will not be a case of opening it and playing with it as it is a highly educational tool and is ideal in my opinion for those parents and children who are into building things not for families who are after a toy to play with.

On that note, I come to the price and why I say this.

The Piper Computer kit is £299


Yes, your reading that correctly and that is why I say you need to have that creative enquisitive mindset to use this kit. I have and bought it as an investment in my childs education.

On the price, yes it is expensive but so is Lego if you think about it. Just remember what your paying for though and that is a computer and the quality of the components in this product is very high. It also has a Quad Core 1.2Ghz Processor and Raspberry Pie software.

I would not hesitate to recommend the PIPER Computer Kit to anyone I know who has a child who likes computers, gadgets or just likes to know how things work.



18 Replies to “Piper Computer Kit With Minecraft Raspberry Pi Edition”

  1. Honestly, this is my first time to hear about it, when I was a younger I used to dream to become an Engineer of electronic as life goes on things have changed so I chose a different path. This is a very informative article for those who want their children to not invest their time on social media, gaming, etc… plus, Is so beautiful to see kids learning how to programming especially using this device, I have to confess that I was touched by reading this article I even imagined myself my kids learning all these kinds of stuff.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. HI Daniel

      wow, thank you for such a nice comment. It makes what I do more worthwhile.

      At the end of the day it’s still a computer but with a difference, its engaging children to find out how things work. I would certainly recommend them one as I have seen how my son was using one.

  2. This is a great product for nowadays children. To build up your own computer is a fascinating idea. It is something to totally concentrate in and see the handwork you’ve done. It also gives children a better idea of ​​how computers work. The price is quite high but if you have the possibility to build a computer together with your children, it’s really worth it.

    1. HI Kari

      It is a unique idea but the price is high however it is an actual working computer just in a different case with a different format.
      It has a Quad Core 1.2Ghz Processor and Raspberry Pie software installed. Once I discovered that I was happy to get one. Last year I paid £400 for a laptop for my youngest and all he did was play games on it.

      What I would say is it would not be worth paying that money unless a parent or child has the mindset of wanting to learn the concepts of coding and has an interest in this field. these types of people would get their monies worth no problem.


  3. Hi Darren, I enjoyed your review and easygoing banter. It’s good to know that you also bought this for your son! While the video was useful, it would be great if you could provide some more examples of the exercises. I am definitely interested in the system but would like to understand more about how it educates. It is kind of pricey so would be good to have more details of what I may be buying into! Regardless, thanks for opening my eyes to this wonderful educational toy.

    1. Hi Ferhat

      Basically, after you build the computer there are puzzles and games to progress through and as you progress you develop skills after each stage that are built ready for the next puzzle or game so by the end of the of the games you have developed puzzle solving technical creative skills in these fields:

      Critical Thinking
      Problem Solving
      Growth Mindset

      PiperCode uses Blockly by Google, a drag & drop coding programming language that enables kids to modify and change how their electronics work on the RaspberryPi. From there they will be taught the basic foundation in coding with PiperCode. Easily transition from blockly to advanced text-based programming

      let me know if you require any further info


  4. This is so cool!!!! Kids these days have lost interest in hands-on activities and toys, gadgets have won over. This is simply such a brilliant idea, to bring to life what kids (not just them, grown ups too!) love to play on their devices! This is definitely going to get their attention! I’m going to get one for my nephew, who loves the game. 

    And I love the coding component of this product. I believe it does a lot for a child’s growing mind. My own kids have attended basic coding courses before, and they absolutely loved it. 

    1. hi Joo

      That’s great to hear and yes I agree it’s a brilliant idea and will benefit kids in their education rather than just getting a normal laptop to just play games on.

  5. I love the idea of having a computer that kids can build and use. It is sad to see how much technology plays in the lives of kids. When I was a kid, I didn’t have a computer or tablet or cell phone. I would be playing outside with my friends. Whether it was tag, freeze tag, kick ball, jump rope, roller hockey, or just climbing trees. And my parents would feel safe enough that they would let me play outside for hours. I cannot say the same thing for today. But this concept is so intriguing because it’s using the same technology that kids love and still teaching them at the same time. 

    1. hi 

      Yes today is not as safe as when we were kids but technology allows today’s kids to imitate modern industrial and commercial technology in their own homes so they can now experience this. 

  6. This is an interesting find I must say. Also, an expensive find. But what you’ve mentioned is true comparing it to the cost of the LEGO. My kids have outgrown this stage but I will recommend this to my friends and family members who have younger children. I am sure they will find it interesting too.

    1. hi Sharon 

      Yes I thought it was expensive when I was doing the research before writing the review however it is I discovered a proper working computer. 

  7. I bought PIPER for my then 9 year old daugher last Christmas. After she put it together, she did all the “Missions” and had them all completed by the following March. 

    PIPER is a really good learning tool for kids, especially those that have an interest in STEM type play. I was afraid when I first got this was that my daughter would find it boring compared to other toys, but she really has not. This would be a great gift for any child. This may help spark an interest in learning for any child.

    1. hi James 

      That’s really good and shows how it stimulates and creates the engagement for children to try something new.

      I think as the product gains popularity and public awareness then this is going to be a big advantage in children’s education.

  8. Hi, what a fab article and awesome kinda toy for kids. My kids are adults now, but if this was available when they were kids I would have definitely bought it. For kids that are technically and curiously minded, this is a gem. Well, I now know what to buy the grandchildren.

    1. Hey Sharon

      They’re never too old! ha ha 

      Kids have such great opportunities these days and future generations will have more, its getting them stimulated that is the hard part.

  9. This is a really good idea, kids are far more comfortable now around technology than I was when I was a kid. I know a few parents that have really gotten their kids into science experiments and taught them how circuits work. I think they would like to introduce their kids to this interesting product so I will be sure to show them your site soon. Thanks, Kenny 

    1. hi Kenny 

      Thankyou for taking the time to read my post, it certainly is a different approach to computing for the kids and very educational.

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