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Minecraft Top Trumps


So here I was just browsing Amazon and Ebay looking for some Minecraft products to review and look what I found Minecraft Top Trumps!

Top Trump Minecraft



So I ask what better way than to understand the game and spend quality time with your children than getting to understand the game of Minecraft

Minecraft Top Trumps! Parents who remembers playing Top Trumps as kids ? It’s come along way since then and now you can buy a Top Trump pack of cards in a wide variety of Niches. I still remember my two eldest kids playing the car version when they were younger on road trips in the back of the car. It was a God send as it stopped the bickering and boredom from setting in and kept them entertained.

If you have a Minecraft crazy child who loves anything that is Minecraft themed then I think they would love the unofficial Top Trumps guide to Minecraft.

The pack contains all mobs, from the common Creeper and nether-dwelling Blaze, to the dancing parrots and Rare killer bunny, plus all the characters you would find such as wither, Enderman and all the animals that cross your path.


Now before I created this site I had not really paid much attention to Minecraft, I just knew it was a building game that my son’s loved to play. I played it with them a few times but of course I was not as good as them and slowed them up so I quickly gave up! Does that sound familiar Mums and Dads?

So I ask what better way than to understand the game and spend quality time with your children than getting to understand the game of Minecraft than to play the Top Trumps version of it ?

Minecraft Top Trumps is designed for 2-4 players so not only is it great for one to one but it is also good for family time !

This has many benefits in terms of parent child time as you are not only interacting with your child but you are engaging in an interest of there’s which will enable you to understand the love they have for this game and what a remarkable and educational game it is.

You will learn what characters are stronger mob is tallest, widest or the most likely to attack but also the children will be enhancing there knowledge and better understanding of characters they will encounter in the game and will be able to act more swiftly.

top trump Minecraft
                                                                                               Which will have the highest Top Trumps Rating?

Ideal Age Range?

The Ideal age for this game states from 3 years and up but ideally and this is different for every parent as we all have different preferences, I suggest from 5 years and up or whenever you decide to let your child play Minecraft perhaps?

In my opinion 3 year old’s can and probably do still stick things in their mouths and as the cars are made of cardboard I personally would be concerned of paper cuts as cards are often given a lamented coating to give them strength.


Where to Buy?

Where to buy? that’s an easy on just go to the online shop to buy or just click the Buy Here button below to go straight through to the shop page and from there you can buy Minecraft Top Trumps.

Writing this blog has really made my day as it has brought back a lot of memories of my kids when they was little. I think kids nowadays spend too much time on the computer however if you engage them and stimulate them with toys and activities which includes a theme connected to their interests then you can get them away from the PC screen!! Its worth a try!! 


Buy top trumps here



Thanks for reading and I would love to here your memories surrounding top trumps so get commenting below!!



8 Replies to “Minecraft Top Trumps”

  1. Hi Dalwhu,

    I think these toys are great! I have a brother who’s obsessed with minecraft. I think it’ll make a perfect gift for him.

    Thanks for the thorough review! Your honest opinions really made a huge difference in deciding whether to buy or not.

    I also love the logo up top!

    1. Hi there!

      The toys seem like they are pluck straight from the screen sometimes and the Minecraft Top Trumps is a really good way of actually familiarizing yourself with he characters and learning about their strengths and weaknesses.

      Its also a great little game to take on vacations and road trips ! 

      Thank you, I think this logo looks better that the last 

  2. Hey Darren, this article is great!!
    My son is 11, and he absolutely loves Minecraft!! In the beginning, I didn’t understand it, but after he explained it to me, it’s actually a lot of fun! There are two modes there. Te survival mode – where you need to fight, and build a home, and find food and do stuff in order to stay alive. And the building mode – where you just build all kind of amazing stuff, and let your imagination fly. It’s just awesome!!
    We actually already have everything you’ve mentioned LOL 😀
    I highly recommend it!

    1. Hi Anna 

      It’s a pretty awesome game isn’t it! Actually I think you could add education to that title now with all the different varieties it includes.

      It sounds like you’ve become a bit of an expert now! 

  3. Great Post.
    We have a young man with us who dreams in Minecraft scenarios, writes essays around Minecraft etc etc.
    It does seem to be a love it or hate it thing. At least it does not involve ceaseless killing or robbing. I know Endermen get blown up now and then but the building side of it is at least constructive, (pun intended.)
    Is this a game of whist-like trumps where the characters replace the suits in normal cards?
    I think it is a brilliant idea.
    I had never heard of the game (trumps, not Minecraft,) so I am doubly pleased.

    1. hi 

      Yes basically aim of the  top trumps card game is to compare the stats of various characters in a game or any topic. 

      The player who’s stats of the card with the highest score wins the comparison takes the losers card until one player has no cards left.

      When I was a kid it was mainly cars but like monopoly it’s spread into all kinds of themes. 

      For Minecraft it’s a good way to get familiar with the characters in the game.

  4. Hi Darren.

    I am a young man excitedly preparing for fatherhood, i happen to come across your site and i find it interesting.

    Thanks for the review and all the information you’ve shared.

    I am learning, and will sure learn some more. Looking forward to memorable experiences of mums and dads.

    1. Hi 

      Firstly congratulations on your new arrival and I wish you and your family well on this new exciting chapter in your lives. 

      Yes websites like minecraftoys.com will stand you in good stead forvtbe forthcoming years! 

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