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on the 23rd May 2017 it was announced that a new update would be available for the Education edition after leaving the Beta stage, so then what is the update?

The update is a a new code builder tool; Why does this matter?

The new code builder will work Offered in line and unison with other tools on this edition which will help teachers and parents increase their ability to engage with students / children. Planning for different lesson subjects will now be easier to build around Minecraft education.

The new Code Builder will enable users to create even more  amazing creations within the education world by using the external coding software.

Minecraft: Education Edition making it easier for everyone to use and creating more powerful teaching tools for educators and parents

A good example as to the benefits of the new tool is shown is in it’s World builder abilities so that teachers can now use them much faster than before. This is thanks to Microsoft’s decisive choice to shorten the command to “/wb”. Microsoft also decided to add a couple of new commands that enable it’s users the ability to clear their inventory much faster than before and it is now easier find out where they are based on grid coordinates.

There are also other updates to look out for such as new Command Blocks that will allow users to activate blocks within the game’s new command system. This will now make it easier to craft such items as teleporter’s, weather changers, give out other items, and enrich the game itself however there is a catch ! of course, User’s will have to code it first !

Teachers and parents have also gained the ability in Classroom Mode for being able to alter weather patterns, and spawn mobs, TNT, and lava but further still there is the option if they choose to they can now mute chat if required or have the power to mute anyone anyone within the world. a good idea if there is a disruptive pupil as that is all that happens in real life.

Microsoft have also presented new lesson plans and ideas to enhance interaction and stimulation for the pupils such as only being allowed to chat in a different language to the one they speak, this is great for language lessons as your forced to think which will help you learn.

there is now lessons to help students create and structure poems and learning how to construct new buildings while sticking to budget. They do this by issuing certain blocks and materials with prices. The student will then work to the budget set by the teacher. This is something that I find really useful as the education system does not cater for financial management or factoring how we can budget. I believe that is why there is so many people struggling nowadays.

Once again this versatile game is creating unique insights for education facilities around the world to help our children get stimulated with their education. I am looking forward to watching the Minecraft Education edition evolve in the furture.


I’d love to hear your views or experiences of this edition of Minecraft, feel free to comment !!

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