ThinkGeek Minecraft Light-Up Wall Torch

hand held torch

ThinkGeek Minecraft Light-Up Wall Torch

Officially Licensed Minecraft Collectible


Let your little Minecrafter fall asleep wrapped safely in their imagination, The Light up wall light is an ideal accessory for any themed room.  The Wall torch can be wall mounted or just used as a torch, either way, it gives off a lovely warm glow just as they do in the tunnels and rooms they light up in the many creations in the Minecraft game.  hand held torch

If your child is having trouble sleeping off night then this makes the perfect night light and helps ward off those imaginary monsters under your bed or in your closet, I remember mine as a kid and I remember my kids doing the same, I bet you can too!

the Minecraft torch can help your child with an easier sleep routine as the light is just the torches are in the game which can easily enhance a child’s imagination.





The Product

The Minecraft light up torch is effective either sitting on a bedside table or mounted on a wall as it’s corner folds down as Its corner folds down exposing a two keyhole mounting slot although you will have to buy the mount yourself as it is not supplied with the torch. This feature is good as it can be placed free-standing while placed on a tabletop. Minecraft wall mounted torch

The Minecraft light up wall torch is made of strong ABS plastic that is easy to keep clean by using just a dry cloth, I personally think the microfibre cloths are better. The Material used to make the torch is Eco-friendly plastic, odor-free, wear resistant and has a smooth touch feeling

The dimension of the torch is  11″ x 2 1/4″ x 2 1/4″ and it requires 3 AAA batteries to operate that are not included.

The Torch is ideal for ages 6 and upwards and makes an ideal collectible and as I mentioned a really good accessory.


The Minecraft light up torch emits a level 14 LED  lighting to give the effects of a fire torch but in complete safety of course! As you can see from the image above it also has a concealed power switch.

How to Buy

The easiest and cheapest place to buy this product is online at Amazon. This is where the officially licensed products are and are also verified by their ASIN numbers, also if it is fulfilled by Amazon then the sellers stock has to go to Amazon’s warehouses and they deliver them. If the products are fake then they are not sold, I think they destroy them, to be honest as its counterfeit.wall mounted torch

Minecraft actually sells this item in the USA for

$25.99 brand new

buy here

In the UK the price ranges from £10 – £14.99

buy here

I’d rate this product 95/100.

although it is just a torch at the end of the day it represents more than that. Earlier I mentioned my fears of monsters when I was a kid, I am in my forties now so that proves we remember scary things at bedtime. By enhancing our children’s imagination they can overcome those fears.


One of my sons wouldn’t go to bed unless he had a magic potion like Asterix, There is a magic potion bottle that Minecraft do for kids and that glows in the dark, you can see it here – Magic Potion Bottle I wish this was available when My son was little!



One thing to bear in mind is this is a torch at the end of the day or light and it does not have a time delay switch. You will have to turn it off manually one the kids have gone to sleep.

Essentially it’s as bright as a night light and for that purpose it is perfect but it will not light up the room.



minecraft torch

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