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Minecraft Art

Minecraft Art

If you think Minecraft is just a video game for the children then think again as this popular video game can create amazingly detailed buildings and scenes.

Many children will experiment with building standard houses and farms but serious and advanced developers invest many hours to create mind blowing constructions.

Moving beyond Minecraft basics, this platform is a brilliant platform for kids and adults to really develop projects from their imaginations. You are able to create your own worlds and also replicate real life buildings.

Minecraft lets children enhance many parts of their education including programming, science, math’s and art. They can also help with historical events and languages such as the ancient language of Elfdalian which is an agent Viking language that’s been brought back to life thanks to Minecraft.

With many parts of their education included, Children can also learn important things like computer coding engineering architecture urban planning which can all help in their development and their education as there are so many attributes that Minecraft can help with.

Learning to program properly can change the game that you play however knowing how to change the coding of the game creates more opportunities for you to express your Minecraft building style.

Serious Minecraft artists use this coding to help them unlock all the 3d technology in the game. There are actually  competitions that people can enter to showcase their talents and to creates gorgeous environments and structures in a 501PX plot of land. Some of these scenes and structures or absolutely amazing and comes from the artists imagination most of the time, you can create anything from imagination which they can bring to life through these amazing building blocks.

Island lake minecraft


Being creative

As we know there are two ways you can play Minecraft.

You can use survival mode where you need to mine raw materials such as coal and trees and build shelters and create light so you can fight off and defend yourself against mobs especially at night.

The second way of playing this game is called creative mode, this mode will let you build with no limits, here you are able to design various structures including buildings that can floats in the sky and also constructions that are interactive and also devices such as booby-traps which can be used in defending against Mobs.

There are many ways for players to express their Minecraft building style and create high tech scenes and also machinery for their worlds.


child playing minecraft

An ideal material that helps to build the structures is called Redstone. This material has electrical signals and these signals activate different types of actions.

This is where children can really develop their computer skills using command blocks in the Minecraft code. This really changes the rules of the game as mentioned earlier and this is where it Allows a young player the power to change weather patterns and also to make various mobs all monsters fly and to create some serious Minecraft Art.

As there is no structure to the plots you have the freedom and flexibility to create anything you desire and there is also an age rating on the software.

This mode can also help with the development of various life skills and creative imagination especially for children.Sorry to sound repetative but I speak from experience on this matter as my youngest child has special needs when he was younger, struggled in mainstream school.

How Minecraft Helped My Son

He actually learnt to read and write on Minecraft and also it helped with maths as he learnt to count and multiply the ampunt of bricks needed for various buildings.

His typing skills or advance for his age as he used Minecraft to create his own newspaper, here he wrote his own articles from his imagination.

You will find many schools use Minecraft in line with the education syllabus. In many schools primary and senior you will often find Minecraft club’s and Minecraft programs being used in classrooms which is becoming evermore popular as teachers have discovered that  this helps with all subjects from sciences to languages and also arts.

My son often attends the Minecraft club at his senior school he is in year eight which is the equivalent of high school in the USA. Minecraft is helps stimulate children to perform to their requirements in class as students become more engaged in lessons and  lets them learn in a fun way as many students play Minecraft this game at home for many hours.

My advice to fellow parents is once your child takes an interest in Minecraft and when it is safe for them to play embrace it and encourage it as I believe Minecraft can help with their development and stimulate their imagination there is nothing better than listening to a child explain something from his or her imagination.

How To Get Your Child Of the Computer

Although it’s a wonderful game it is not healthy for children to spend all their spare time during the day in front of a computer screen, now a good solution to this problem that I am sure is a headache for many parents with children who have embraced computer games and a perfect way to keep them in engaged in their imaginative play is Lego.

minecraft chicken coop - lego

Lego and Minecraft work hand-in-hand as they both use blocks to build their structures. Minecraft and Lego sets have actually teamed up to bring the block structures to life as I am sure you will know. You can buy many of the structures from the game in Lego form and I think this is a good way of getting a child to have a break from the screen and letting them stay immersed in their game.

You can check out some of these Lego sets on my Lego page just click here.

I hope you have found this article informative and I urge you to carry on enjoying this game and learning along with your child. If you have any questions or comments please type them below and I will be happy to answer them.


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