Minecraft to help people with Type 1 Diabetes!!

Minecraft morphed into game to help kids and parents deal with onset of diabetes


I’ve just read an article that was published online on the 9th April, The source of the article written by Nick Wiggins of News ABC in Australia is another example how this game is helping and can help all children.

The article for which I will include the link to at the end of the post tells the story of a boy who has type 1 Diabetes which was diagnosed when he was 8 years old.

The article doesn’t say how old the boy is now but I imagine it is difficult and worrying for his parents in making sure the correct observations are taken in order to maintain a safe lifestyle.

This particular boy is helping his father Mr Wulf create a program coding which will help children with Diabetes monitor their blood glucose and insulin. They hope to create a modified version of Minecraft whereby, players walk around the world playing through stories however in this game they have the added challenge of monitoring their blood glucose and insulin while they are playing the game so they develop the habit and routine of doing this in their lives.

“They focus on playing, they focus on the story, they focus on the magic, and they just learn how to manage diabetes in the course of that,” Mr Wulf (quote from article)


Mr Wulf is hoping that the new programming will help children better understand type 1 diabetes and allow children who have friends with the condition better understand it.
The idea has created interest with a pharmaceutical company as well as perhaps trials in hospitals.


This would really be an amazing step up from just the education editions of Minecraft and I see no reason for it to stop here, there are countless things that are important for our children to learn that are vitally important to learn. Using this game helps them in a fun way.


click here for Link to article


I would love to here your views and comments on this article, comment below !!

8 Replies to “Minecraft to help people with Type 1 Diabetes!!”

  1. I found your article very interesting reading. It’s nice that someone created a program and that it would give children a better understanding of diabetes. This is very important and vital for them too learn at a very early age. This can help them in their adulthood in the future which is so important. Thanks for sharing this informatio

    1. Hi Karlene

      It’s really nice isn’t it, I saw the headline on google search and new I had to share it!

      The more I’m finding out about this game the more intrigued I’m getting!

  2. This is such a nice story. I really like the idea and I really hope that this will be very helpful for everyone with type 1 diabetes. I think this game will help other people, who do not have type 1 diabetes understand the condition. I will definitely be following this!

    1. HI, I still can’t get over how this game is helping our children, it goes from strength to strength and I love that they are so enterprising and innovative to add this to their product!

  3. Wow, that’s quiet noble and nice from the people behind Minecraft to help diabetics in such way.

    Diebetes is an awful modern curse and any assistance to that condition would be greatly appreciated by patients. As Minecraft is such a popular game I can see how it can be of assistance to a lot of ill folks.

    Don’t you think that guys with diabetes need to be physically active, as opposed to sedentary lifestyles e.g. gaming?

    1. Hi Simon

      I certainly do think people should be active rather than sitting in front of a computer and I will be writing an article on this in the near future.

      I don’t think it will be to long before this subject is looked into by minecraft but you can actually practice minecraft live where you can use natural materials to build things which encourages kids especially to be active.

      My kids when they were younger loved the woods and would build camps like most kids do with their dads however they loved looking for materials they could use to build something similar to what they created on their game using what they could find.

  4. This is amazing, I love when people use video games to do actual good and help people in their real life! As someone related to family with type 1 diabetes i can sympathize for any parent that has to raise a kid with that terrible disease and also think its great for the kids as well because it makes such important routine things fun for them and something they will actively want to participate in to get in the habit of how to take care of themselves at a young age. hopefully someday a cure can be found!

    1. hi ken 

      It is truly remarkable how this game has evolved, when I saw this in an article I read I just had tknletbthe world know! 

      It’s a great idea as a newly diagnosed child has a lot to deal with coming to terms with this condition and it’s brilliant that someone in minecraft thought of this to help them. 

      I also hope a cure can be found one day, 

      Best wishes 


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