Minecraft Steve The Fidget Toy

Minecraft Steve the Fidget Toy

Minecraft Steve The Fidget Toy

Minecraft Steve the Fidget toy helps people with stress relieve and anxiety issues as well as a great device to distract from Boredom.

Minecraft Steve the Fidget Toy

Price: $13.56

Overall Rank: 8/10

Minecraft Steve the Fidget Toy

The Minecraft Steve the fidget toy provides little Minecraft fans a character fidget toy which is good for kids and adults!

Steve the Fidget toy is a great toy for ages 8-12 and provides loud and crisp popping sounds.

The Minecraft fidget toy is made from high-quality silicone material with excellent craftsmanship, that makes it soft, durable, washable, and reusable and is non toxic.

What Steve the fidget Toy Is Good For

This type of fidget toy is a strategic and fun to play as players take turns to press down any number with the player who presses the last bubble loses.

It is also a great multifunctional Sensory Push Popper Toy that allows you to relieve anxiety and stress caused by work, family, school or personal issues, making it a good choice to help with this symptoms.

You can take the Minecraft Fidget toy anywhere, this bubble popping sensory toy can occupy children on long road trips or just as a comforter after sensory overload.

Minecraft Steve the Fidget Toy

What I like about Minecraft Steve the Fidget Toy

Steve the Fidget toy is relevant in my life as I have children who are on the autism spectrum. I know first hand how these fidget toys can help calm a child down. In my experience they are a great reliever of stress and help to restore good moods as it gives you something to focus on while trying to restore calmness, all be pressing silicone bubbles!

I like the fact this particular fidget toy is in the design of Minecraft Steve and comes with a sword that is multi coloured.

The Minecraft brand once again shows how versatile it is: combining more of the children favourite things together. There are many young Minecraft fans out there who use fidget toys as a way of coping with emotions but Steve the Fidget toy will work even better as it is combining to things that is comforting to them!


Minecraft Steve the Fidget Toy


Conclusion about Minecraft Steve the Fidget toy

My take on Steve the fidget toy is that I think it’s a great idea to combine a game that children spend hours on and a stress relieve toy that is working to get them back to their happy place. It makes sense to combine them. The multi coloured sword is attractive but then on the other side you have an ordinary diamond sword.

I think the price is good as you are getting to fidget toys in that price. There are other themes for the same price and you are only getting one toy.

The choice is yours however, here is a link to an array of fidget toys including Minecraft, just scroll over the menu and they will pop up:


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