Minecraft STEVE Plush toy Series

Minecraft STEVE Plush toy Series Review

Product Description

Now you can take your favorite Minecraft characters where ever you go with the Minecraft STEVE Plush toy Series.

Yes, That’s right! All of your favorite Minecraft game characters can now come to life in your home as your child can now collect comes the plush cuddly toy series!

Minecraft STEVE Plush toy Series

The Minecraft STEVE Plush toy stands at 4.5 inches, which is the perfect size for your child to play or display, each plush is made with soft polyester Velboa fibers. This will make it very easy to cuddle with your favorite themed Minecraft plush toy.

The Minecraft Plush toy range is Officially licensed by Minecraft. The company that designed and created them is called JINX who designs all the Mini Crafter series of small toys.

AUTHENTIC TOY – Officially licensed by Minecraft; designed and created by JINx

  • TRUE Merchandise- Your child will be a Happy Explorer as they can cuddle up to a range of Plush Toys which more than resembles the characters in Minecraft
  • Very CUDDLY – made from soft polyester Velboa fibers
  • ADORABLE SIZE – Measures approximately 4.5 inches tall, This toy is part of a range of Minecraft Characters
  • Child-FRIENDLY – Suitable for ages 3 and up
  • PREPARE AN ADVENTURE: Your child can now enhance their imagination away from the computer screen and still engage with their favorite characters from Minecraft. They can set out scenarios that bring these toys to life!
  • COLLECTIBLE SIZE: Minecraft plush measures 4.5 inches; the perfect size for play or display!
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Plush is made with soft polyester Velboa fibers so you can cuddle with your favorite Minecraft character.


My Take on the Minecraft STEVE Plush toy Series

The Minecraft STEVE Plush toy also makes a great idea for a gift. They’re ideal for birthdays or even just as a treat. At the same time, the Plush toy series doesn’t take up much room making it an ideal travel toy. 

It’s easy to maintain and keep clean and is safe for small children to play with. As with everything involving youngsters, supervision is recommended.

Not only is this a good gift to buy your own Minecraft child, but it is also a good investment if you are able to collect a lot of the Plush toys in the Minecraft series.

Toys that are unopened gain value over time and if you have a collection it is more valuable.

The recommended age range for this cuddly toy is 3 years and upwards 


Ideal places to Buy Plush Toys

During the current world events, I would urge you to order from the safety of your own home over the internet, there is a very good website called Toynk.com that have a vast array of Minecraft Plush Toys to keep Steve company.

Therefore, my rating for Steve the Plush toy is: 95/100

Link to buy in the USA –  – CLICK HERE

Conclusion – Minecraft STEVE Plush toy Series


As a result, I think Steve the Minecraft Plush toy is a  Cuddly toy that is a perfect comforter for any child, just as all plush toys are.

The Prime Character in Minecraft is Steve, he will make an excellent traveling companion for any young Minecraft fan or toy collector. For instance, he travels himself in the game on many adventures.

This is the sort of toy children will take to straight away. Furthermore, they will love sleeping with Plush toys or showing them off in school. In addition, as they are classed as a small cuddly toy Steve the Plush toy is ideally suited for night time as it is not too big to be a risk to a child sleeping.

I absolutely recommend this product and a key point for me is that it is a good way of starting a new collection with the plush toy range as a long term investment.

Why not buy 2 – One for play and one to Display!

It is an adorable toy and makes a great gift!


The Minecraft STEVE Plush toy  stands at 4.5 inches - buy at toynk.com

8 Replies to “Minecraft STEVE Plush toy Series”

  1. Minecraft Steve promises to be a great gift or toy. I know of several people who would enjoy Steve since they are Minecraft Addicts. I may have to get a couple for them. They are so difficult to buy for. This is a great opportunity to give them something that is not on a computer screen. Are there any more besides Minecraft Steve and Alex. They will be great collectibles.


    1. Hi Jerry

      Thanks for visiting,There’s actually a vast range of Minecraft Plush toys, if you visit the review tab and look for plush toys tab, I am adding reviews as fast as possible, You can also visit the shop here tab where I have various characters with direct links to buy.



    1. Hi thank you for letting me know, They have actually sold out of this toy due to the demand, I have updated the link and will let you know when it’s back in stock at toynktoys.com

  2. Thank you, Darren, for all these reviews of Minecraft Plush toys, l didn’t know they were so many. under your review tab. l really appreciate the character-specific links to purchase the Plush toys. l was a bit disappointed though because some of the links are no longer functional. My kid was very impressed by the choice of toys and we have added a couple of them inside the shopping cart. Keep up the good work.

    1. HI Amos 

      Thankyou for letting me know, As with all links some expire and new ones are added on the linked site which we constantly monitor, This has now been addressed.

  3. OOF, OOF, OOOOOOOFFF. That’s Minecraft steve for this is a great article! I love Minecraft, it’s just about the best game ever. The memes also crack me up, lol. This plush looks like a great buy for Minecraft enthusiasts of all ages. It looks like it’s made of good materials and very soft. Thank you for the product description and review!

    1. ha ha, I like it! 

      Plush toys are very versatile for soft play, comforters and also collectables and as you have shown, Minecraft is for all ages!

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