Minecraft School Backpack

Minecraft School Backpack

Overall Ranking: 95/100

Price: £ 45 on Ebay or $56

My sourced price: £12.97 on Amazon  get more for your money!

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I could not believe my eyes while sourcing this fun back pack that is a cool accessory for any little Minecrafter or Minecrafterette ! How can one selling platform allow this to be listed at such a high price yet I find it on another at such a great price that allows a parent then perhaps to add a Minecraft cap and / or a T shirt that will still cost less than on EBay.

The Minecraft School backpack will certainly let your child stand out and is ideal on family days out or travelling on holiday at the airport or in crowds as the bright colour of this backpack gives a high visual locator to spot a wandering child!

Minecraft is so addictive for children and adults and I have had to add merchandise to my reviews and to give my audience the best prices I can find.

The Minecraft school backpack has plent y of room for school books, Projects, homework, lunch oh and the odd minecraft toy sneaked in !!

The Minecraft school Backpack is based on the famous character “The Creeper” The Creeper backpack comes with some cool storage

9 hotkey storage slots:

Main compartment: 11″ wide x 14″ tall x 2″

deep (360° padding) Middle section: 11″ wide x 13 1/2″ tall x 2 1/2″

deep Front pocket: 10″ wide x 13″ tall x 1″ deep

plus a 5-pocket organizer and pen holder

This makes it ideal for a variety of uses such as school, vacations,roadtrips oh and Gym!

Out of 299 reviews on Amazon  the Creeper Minecraft school backpack was given 4.6 out of 5.

I would say this product is for any age why label it? we should be able to express ourselves for who we are despite age but I would say probably children over 7 and upwards to teenagers  or the odd adult at a comic con event!                              

My final opinion of this backpack at the amazon price is great value for money considering the prices elsewhere.

you are able to combine other Minecraft purchases if you wish and still get more for your money on this selling platform.

I will continue to post and source products at are the best deals as for me as a single father of 3 I would definitely appreciate someone spending time doing this for my benefit.

If you want to browse or buy you can visit amazon and go straight to the product:

click title to view: >>Creeper themed Minecraft school Backpack<< £12.97 a bargain price.

If you have views on the price of products for our children I would love to engage with you as I feel very strongly over this.

8 Replies to “Minecraft School Backpack”

  1. I found that this product review was a great read

    I always find that it’s hard to know if a product is good or bad when you are shopping online

    This really clears things up for me, thanks again for this great article !

    I’ll definitely consider buying one of these backpacks for my nephew who loves mine craft

    1. Thanks again Finn,  

      Your comments are just why I chose to do this niche. 

      Many thanks 


  2. I think this packpack is a great idea!

    This is both suitable for children for school or trips.

    I can certainly see myself buying a few for my kids!

    It’s great you’ve taken the time to source the variations in prices for this product.

    1. I really like it and yes I do try and source products to let people know the best prizes.

      Well there is amazon prime day due soon so perhaps you will get an even better deal!

  3. Woooow!
    That is sooo cool! I never thought they would come up with something like that! hahaha
    Great review and post!
    Thank you for the information 😀

  4. Hello Dalwhu,

    Very cool backpack! My little cousin is a huge fan or should I say addicted to minecraft. This backpack would be the perfect gift for him, but he’s also 14 years old, so I don’t know if it will be too childish for him.

    Oh well, I think it’s a pretty cool backpack with unique design, so I’m going to pull the trigger.


    1. hi Eric

      Yes it’s a difficult one isn’t it however there are different themes you can buy aswell. I will be adding new items in my online shop in the new and I am always happy to source products for my viewers.  

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