Minecraft Recreates Kenilworth Castle

Minecraft recreations of Historical Architecture

Minecraft never stops working to help bring to life history and I have discovered some pretty amazing articles on BBC News, although perhaps I should say they are not written articles but videos of the work that has been done to bring back to all its glory!

Kenilworth Castle

Kenilworth Castle is one of England’s most majestic castles. Considering the history of this land and the amount of back you can find throughout England and the rest of the United Kingdom then it has a high reputation to uphold.

Kenilworth castle was first built in the 1120s and has been used as a royal castle for the majority of its history.

King John was the first Monarch to decide to expand the Castle. King John of Gaunt was the first and  Henry V followed suit during his reign.

In 1563 Queen Elizabeth I chose to grant Kenilworth Castle to Robert Dudley the Earl of Leicester.  He converted Kenilworth Castle into a lavish palace.

In 1650 the castle’s fortifications were finally dismantled and the ruins later became famous thanks in part to Walter Scott’s 1821 romance Kenilworth.

Kenilworth Castle rebuilt Minecraft-style

That is not the end of the story as now Minecraft has stepped in and brought the ruins of Kenilworth Castle back to Life!

The famous Castle situated in Warwickshire has been “rebuilt” using the Minecraft Minecraft Technology which had been commissioned by English Heritage. The project is part of its Love Castles season.

Here is the finished work of Minecraft’s version of what Kenilworth Castle in association with English Heritage:

Part one – The Outside

Part Two – The Inside


Other famous historical buildings are being recreated regularly by Minecraft as well as Maps of Cities and also Planets!

If you any questions then please comment below or if you want to know what other rebuilds have taken place then ask away!

4 Replies to “Minecraft Recreates Kenilworth Castle”

  1. Wow , I have always wondered how castles such as kenilworth castle were built so well and to last for hundreds of years. 

    By using Minecraft technology it has been brought back to life. 

    I have always witnessed my friends arguing about this but since I didn’t know the history of Kenilworth Castle I couldn’t contribute. 

    I will share this post to my friends to see what they didn’t know . Thanks for sharing this informative and educative post.

  2. Wow, built in the 1120s? Thats a lot of history and heritage right there . Although it has gone through alot of refurbishment and and recostruction it is good that the building is still in existence today. Just like historical sites, historical buildings must also be preserved all over the world for its rich heritage. Europe is doing well in this regards.

    1. Hi 

      Yes it’s very important to preserve historical sites around the world for future generations to experience.

      In the uk and the rest of Europe there are many historical sites and it’s great that Minecraft is bringing them back to life in a way that children can relate to and engage. 

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