Minecraft Realm

Minecraft Realm 

This Article is more for those parents looking to know more about the realm edition.

Minecraft Realm was designed by Mojang in 2016 for upto 10 friends to play in multiplayer mode and developed and create their own world.

It is a  hosting service, that is easily set up to use and is available online all year round so you and your friends can come and go as you please however you can only play Minecraft realm on PC / Mac versions of Minecraft and Pocket / Windows 10 Edition.

Now as any parent would like to know, I here thoughts whirling around believe me!  Is how  much is this going to cost us?

Well the cheapest subscription is £ 2.99 a month for a server supporting upto three players simultaneously (including the owner) this is for Pocket / Windows 10 Edition but to support up to 11 players simultaneously the server will  costs £ 5.99 a month.

PC / Mac versions have subscriptions starting at £ 5.59 for a server with support for 11 players simultaneously. If you want the best value for money for money  then I recommend purchasing or subscribing for several months at a time however please be aware Windows 10 does not support the ongoing subscriptions. Most platforms you will find  have subscriptions for 1, 3 or 6 months, or as a regular monthly payment but again Windows 10 does not support the ongoing subscriptions for Minecraft Realm.

an idea to assist this hobby is for friends and relatives perhaps to present gift vouchers for birthdays or Christmas as stocking fillers, that way it can go towards the subscription or to any accessories your child requires, On Amazon you can even purchase Minecraft
gift vouchers for example, also they have a vast array of minecraft linked accessories.

“Realms are servers that we keep running for you and your friends. In this way, your Minecraft world online and always available, even when you go offline. Moreover, they are safe! Only those you invite can connect to your world, and what you do there is up to you: create, survive or compete!” – Minecraft.net

all in all this realm will provide hours of fun for sleepovers rainy days, for the price of it,  we as parents probably waste alot of money buying our children meaningless items every weekend costing us more than the monthly subscriptions on offer and at least I like the fact that as they are engaging online they are doing so with peers that you know and can easily monitor among you and your child’s friends parents.

Is it possible to upload Minecraft maps of the Realms?

Minecraft Realm is compatible with most minecraft servers and  you can upload your own maps for the Realms to both PC / Mac and Pocket / Windows 10 Edition!! you ca upload files upto  5 GB in size. It is really great, if you’re wondering you can also export maps on
PC/Mac editions. 

Now in this day and age alot of children have access to a mobile phone either their own or mum or dads if yours is like my home then you probsbly never see your phone at weekends but I guess you know where to find it! The good news is that Those who play on Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows 10 or Gear VR can play together although they cannot as yet be joined by players playing on a PC.