Our favourite Minecraft products

Where to buy ?

So where is safe to buy merchandise from as lets face it there are so many counterfeit goods out there now.

the biggest platform and probably the most popular for Minecraft toys and  merchandise I would say is Amazon as everything you need is under one roof other than an online Minecraft merchandise store.

there is also Ebay and the Minecraft website it’s self plus many great sites and some not so great sites.

I have found that on Amazon your more likely to get a better range of brand and new affordable Minecraft products if you are going to browse an online shopping platform.

Diamond Sword

Minecraft Diamond sword is an ever popular kids toy!!

good value for money at £24.99,

well made for a toy at this price, made from foam and surprisingly hard wearing and durable as long as its used in a sensible manner!  It feels like it’s pixalated form has you imagining that its been plucked right from the screen itself!  I’d recommend this toy.

   Where do most kids start of there minecraft experience but on a games consul! Minecraft is available on all the top gaming devices such as Xbox 360, Playstation,Nintendo and many more, with prices starting at £14, If your son or daughter enjoy being creative then this is a brilliant game to divert their attention from all the violent games out there.

Beginners Lego!


Lego set

The most sensible and practical Minecraft scene for beginners in the Lego world must be the Minecraft farm as it’s one of the easiest to create on the game. Its quite reasonably price as far as lego is concerned at £34.90

The Quality and detail that has gone in to the set and other sets is outstanding, this would make a great first Lego set as well as a nice present for a child’s birthday or Christmas!