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Minecraft Stuff!

Minecraft stuff was one of the first pages I wrote when I created the Minecraftoys.com website in 2017. It has experienced quite a few changes since then. As the website began evolving each month with added content. You can checkout some cool Minecraft pages in the menu tab, above.

There’s nothing stopping you designing and building your very own structures. Or, constructs house like the one in the image as you enhance your building skills in Minecraft.

You will find plenty of Minecraft stuff in tutorials on You tube for instance. I have and will continue to write plenty of reviews on Minecraft suff as well as other topics that parents may find useful.

As the site evolves, I want to pass on updates about this wonderful educational limitless game and the merchandise that comes with it. In addition, I have also discovered it is a good platform to research other products that our children are crazy about.

I have built a site that provides fellow parents with a useful guide, plus reviews on various products their kids love so why not research other these products also?



Minecraft Suff and More

On that note I have compiled a small list of recommended pages to visit that will allow you to access product reviews and articles.

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The Websites Blog – Click Here


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Is Minecraft safe?

I had no concerns letting my children play Minecraft when they were younger. It’s totally possible to play the game very safely in a single-player Creative mode. There is no interaction with other players online so no conflict or contact can be made.

If  kids have friends they want to play with you can create a multiplayer world where they can play each other. Although multiplayer gaming invites some risks. Minecraft communities are monitored with server moderators  who are responsible for keeping things orderly. Publishing or exposing players to strong language, bullying, and even hate speech is not tolerated.

Since fans of the game range in ages from children to adults, player-created servers will contain bloody battles, sexual scenarios, and other mature content. The best way to protect your child from these scenarios for them to join a Minecraft realm. This is an invitation-only personal Minecraft server for up to 10 players created by someone they know.

What is an ideal Age to start playing Minecraft

Due to potential for mild violence, and an online community, it is recommended to start playing Minecraft from age 8 and upwards. My Eldest was 7 and my youngest started off watching you tube videos and learning of his older brother. During this activity either myself or their Mum would be in the same room.

Compared to other games out there Minecraft is safe and child friendly as far as I’m concerned.