Minecraft Periodic Table Blocks

periodic table of elements minecraft


Minecraft Periodic Table


The Minecraft Periodic Table is a collection of 27 x one-inch thick element blocks, that include

Air,    periodic table





and Glowstone






These are used for creating new Minecraft worlds. Even the youngest fans can use the blocks for creating landscapes, forming periodic tables and playing with the mini-figures


Benefits of the product

These elements are required so you can build all the wonderful structures in the world of Minecraft by using the periodic table that includes 27 authentic 1-inch element blocks.

The blocks are created in-scale so that they can be used with Minecraft Mini-figures however these are sold separately.

Elements in this set can be to form imaginative new Minecraft landscapes as well as being used ideally with the the

Minecraft Stop-Motion Movie Creator. Including the element blocks with the movie, the creator will allow for extended sets for your movies.

The elements also can help young children get a grasp on science and what elements are required to make certain materials, as always Minecraft has a foundation for education.

My Rating and Where to Buy

My Rating: 94/100

best places to buy:


Amazon is the best place to buy for this product as it has a wide variety of sellers with prices ranging from £17.99 to £35

Many of these are private sellers but there is an option for prime members at £28.43 at the time of writing this article.

you can choose by clicking the button below to see all the sellers and prices for this item:

minecraft periodic table





Amazon there is only one buyer you can buy from and the price is $28.83

My recommended place to buy for US customers is eBay as there are a variety of sellers with the price ranging from $17 to $32

You can visit all the listed Minecraft Periodic Table of elements are listed here:

buy minecraft here





Product Description and Features

You can keep building your Minecraft world by using the Minecraft Periodic Table. Fans will know this collection of 27 authentic element blocks that again includes Diamond Ore, Air, Water, Lava and Glowstone are the key ingredients to creating your very own Minecraft worlds.

The blocks are 1-inch cubes and just to remind you that they are the perfect scale to be used with Minecraft mini-figures.

the presentation box and packaging measure 14 x 1.5 x 10.5 inches and the ideal age range for this product is suggested at 6 to 15 years however maximum age is subject to preference.


minecraft periodic table



What I like about the Product

The mini-figures and the Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio are a perfect fit for the elements from the Minecraft periodic table.

They are ideal to collect or to play with the mini-figures but also perfect to use in a stop-motion movie. They are also durable and hard wearing and show no visible signs of wear and tear even after prolonged use and rough play.

I have found this common with the mini figure series. the mini toys are very hard wearing and great value for money.


What I don’t like about the Product

One thing to note from my research on this product is that some of the ores with pixels can be arranged slightly inconsistent with how Minecraft displays them but that is a very slight difference and one that doesn’t bother me but it may bother you.

Another noted remark when looking at various reviews was that the blocks can be slightly larger, approximately 1mm larger than the grooves on the stage of the Minecraft stop-motion movie creator set. It doesn’t stop you from using them as they still lock in but not as deep as they should.

They still work fine but if knocked hard enough will probably fall out but again it is a minor issue.


Minecraft periodic table

Final Thoughts

If your child is collecting Minifigures for Minecraft then these are an ideal addition to their collection, It’s amazing what a child’s imagination can do with 27 blocks and mini figures, especially when they are combined with a Movie Maker!

Do you have any comments on this product or experiences? Please let me know! I would love to hear about them so just comment below!

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as always its’ been a pleasure passing on my review.





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