Minecraft Party Supplies

Minecraft Party Supplies

As I formerly owned a bespoke Cake shop we had plenty of orders for Minecraft cakes and to be honest they were not the easiest Cake to do but we were always happy to do them as it would make a child’s special day even more special.

One thing we could never source was the Minecraft Party Supplies to go with the cake and it made me chuckle as I have now found them although I do not have the cake business anymore!

I rate this set 97/100

You can buy a fully licensed party kit for 14 children from amazon for £18.95 – >>buy here<<

How good would this party be with a Minecraft cake and a Minecraft part kit!

Its about creating memories for your child and I am sure this will create a very happy memory.

Each kit contains:

7 Green square paper party plates

7 Black square paper party plates  with both colours sized at 22.9cm

7 Black Paper Party Cups (266ml),

7 Green Paper Party Cups (266ml),

20 Black Beverage Napkins (12.5cm x 12.5cm 2ply),

1 Green Plastic Party Tablecover (137cm x 274cm),

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1 Licensed Minecraft ‘Underground’ Poster (40cm x 50cm)

1 Green Plastic Banner Bunting (3.65m).

This price broken down comes to £1.35 Per Party Guest Including Party Tableware And Decorations.

Minecraft birthday supplies are very popular and sell quickly however they are well worth getting to finish off any party and to be honest in my opinion I would suggest it’s suitable for both boys and girls from the ages of 6 to 7 upwards depending when parents allow their children to play Minecraft.

The quickest and easiest way to to buy these sets is through Amazon as this offers the quickest delivery times.  

I would definitely recommend this product to finish off a birthday party.

Buy your party kit and add ons here: Amazon

have you done a Minecraft party for your child and if so what was it like?

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