Minecraft Multi Tool 3 in 1 Toy Set Review

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Minecraft 3 in 1 Multi-Tool

This versatile Multi-tool is ideal for any Minecraft crazed child to act out his imagination in role play. By purchasing this product you are getting 3 toys in one with each costing around £15GBP or $13USD to buy in separate purchases.

With this toy, you are getting the Minecraft Axe, Sword and Shovel! You may get your child pointing out that it’s not the diamond sword but the truth is it is the same thing just that the diamond Sword toy is a different colour! That is a good toy as well but I am wanting to help you get the best value for your money.

Minecraft 3 in 1 multi tool


  • Dynamic three-in-one Minecraft Multi-tool!
  • Transforms from pickaxe to shovel to axe! Just swap out the heads with the click of a button!
  • Be prepared for anything with this great three-in-one, multi-function that is straight out of the world of Minecraft
  • It’s just like the tool Steve and Alex use in the game!
  • Specifications: 1.3 x 14 x 17.3 inches

Transforming the three functions is a very simple process. You just have to press the release button to take one item off the main body of the tool and replace it with one of the other items. Once you hear the click then is secure and ready for use.

The toys Minecraft produces really come with high-quality detail and are strong, durable and sturdy compared to many of the toys that you can buy these days.


Children do not have the same awareness as adults when it comes to awareness of our surroundings and so this means things can get broken and also little people can get hurt but this is the case for many toys.

The Minecraft 3 in 1 multi-tool is made to be safe as possible while keeping its durability and sturdiness.

What the designers managed to do, was to make the handle of the toy in a hard PVC plastic and the tool heads from EVA Foam. minecraft 3 in 1 multi tool heads

EVA Foam ideal for this type of toy as it is soft, yet highly durable. This type of foam is a  polymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate that you may find in sports equipment and crafts, EVA foam is used to make the soles of flip-flops because of its hard wearing capabilities and toughness with it being soft but without being sponge-like.

This makes a good material for the tool head on the multi-tool and gives it long lasting performance.

The suggested age range is 6 years to 10 years however I’d advise supervision for younger children playing together as we know accidents happen!

Product Description

So, we know its a pickaxe and It’s a shovel, now add an axe to the mix and you have a tool for all jobs! The Minecraft 3 in 1 Multi-tool is incredibly detailed and has a pixelated design just as if it has been taken straight from the game itself!

As I mentioned before This product is ideal for any type of for Minecraft role play or any type of imaginative games and is a very unique toy! 

This makes it a must-have toy for Minecraft fan!   Minecraft Axe



The specifications for the multi-tool are 1.3 x 14 x 17.3 inches regardless of what tool head you have fixed onto the body of the toy.

With the weight for the play being approximately 1 pound making it very light and not strenuous to wave around which is another ideal use of the EVA foam for the tool heads.




Best Places to Buy

After checking the prices online for this product I would suggest buying from Amazon, purely for the piece of mind.

The prices on independent websites come in slightly dearer over the £30/$30 mark plus the postage on top this proves a little on the dear side.

eBay have a lot of these tools on sale with prices ranging from

£25 -£58! The lower prices tend to have the shipping added on whereas the higher prices have the shipping fees included.

You can see for yourself as I have added a link to the page:

eBay Minecraft multi-tool listings: Click here to view

As the prices vary so much on eBay and that may be ok for you, on Amazon you can take advantage of the Amazon Prime membership to get free shipping if you are not already a member.

Shipping is getting dearer and dearer so prime is ideal to keep the costs down.minecraft multi tool

My Rating for this product is 95/100 


I think it’s a very versatile toy and ideal to keep the costs down of buying separate toys that will probably cost you around 45-50 pounds or dollars.


The UK: 

Amazon –  £29.94

buy here

eBay: £25 -£50 Lower rates charge shipping, higher rates do not

eBay mimnecrsaft multi tool

The USA:

Amazon: $32.99

buy here

I hope this review is helpful to you when making a choice of what to buy your children and I hope I have shown you a way of saving a little money!

if you have any questions just do the usual and comment below!






8 Replies to “Minecraft Multi Tool 3 in 1 Toy Set Review”

  1. I really wish that I had been able to see your post when our children were going through their Minecraft phase, when they were completely addicted, and even used Minecraft to help with their school homework!

    This toy looks great fun, and I know that they would have loved it. I can see that it could be used in all kinds of imaginative play and Minecraft role play, as you say, and the fact that it is made of really safe materials is really important. Or children had to make do with their own substitutes when playing thus, so I think that the tool would make a great Christmas gift for any child who is in the Minecraft zone at present.

    In fact, your site is full of great Christmas gift ideas, and I will certainly be recommending it to parents of present young Minecraft addicts.

    Thank you so much for your really helpful post.

    Chrissie 🙂

    1. Hi Chrissie 

      I really appreciate you telling others of my site, that’s really kind of you. I created it for parents to review products to get more of an insight of the best places to buy are but in all honestly Amazon comes out on top with most of my price researches.

      My son loved going for woodland walks with his minecraft sword or axe and often case up with a role play we all joined in on! 

      Thank you once again!

      Warmest wishes 

      Darren v

  2. My nephews love minecraft, they found their love for it after watching my son play it. So these toys look like a fabulous option for christmas presents.

    I am glad to see they are not made of plastic and the its great that they are a 3 in 1 multi tool – what boy does not love a multi tool! Many thanks for this thorough article, great information here!

    1. hi 

      Yes my lad loved a multi tool when he was younger although now being a teenager he had more expensive tastes! 

      I think nowadays to be able to buy a toy with multiple uses is ideal as everything gets increased in price each year. 

  3. This is an informative post as it tells us about the dimensions, material, weight and pricing in different regions. Parents definitely will be keen to know about the material of this product which is EVA, not plastic or any other material which might hurt kids while playing. Also, it is good to know that this is 3-in-1 toys which will help save cost. Ideal for a Minecraft fan kid!

    1. Hi

      When I read the product descriptions on other sites nobody explained what the foam was and how it behaved.

      Glad you like the post 



  4. Hi! This is a super cool toy! And it’s great for our pockets. Kids that are Minecraft fans will love this. I can picture them working with the shovel and the axe and fighting monsters with the sword.

    I had checked out other cool Minecraft items but none of them can compete with this one concerning price and versatility.

    1. hi Henry 

      I agree with you totally and when I saw this toy I knew it needed to be reviewed and was perfect for my website. 

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