Minecraft Mooshroom Plush Toy

Minecraft Mooshroom Plush Toy

Product Description

Now you can take your favourite Minecraft characters where ever you go with the Minecraft Plush Collection.

The wildlife of Minecraft is loose!! so watch out as this is a  new plush collection that is different Made of Soft polyester fibre, this 9-inch plush animal depicts a Mooshroom as seen in the hit video game. Officially licensed, Why not collect them all!

This adorable plush toy is made from soft polyester fibres and measures approx 5.5 inches tall.

The mushroom island biome is a rare biome that typically appears at the edge of a player’s world just about in the middle of the ocean.

It’s made up of Mycelium and these islands have a unique creature that is known as a Mooshroom, This Unique creature is a cross between a cow and red mushroom, hence the name Mooshroom! They gather in herds of four to eight.

They can provide beef, leather, mushroom stew and can be bred when fed wheat, however, if you plan on shearing then this causes them to become normal cows such as This 9-inch large Cow plush toy!

There is no beef however in the Mooshroom just polyester instead which makes it really cuddly!


  • AUTHENTIC TOY – Officially licensed by Minecraft; designed and created by JINx
  • TRUE Merchandise- 10 Different large characters to collect (Skeleton, Zombie, Enderman, Ocelot, Pig, Mushroom, Wolf, Sheep, Zombie Pig man, Creeper
  • Very CUDDLY – made from soft polyester Velboa fiber
  • Cute and ideal SIZE – Measures approximately 5.5 inches tall, This toy is part of a range of Minecraft Character
  • Child FRIENDLY – Suitable for ages 3 and up


Where to Buy

The best place to buy if you would like a speedy delivery is Amazon, especially if you are an Amazon prime member as you can get same day delivery if you order early enough.

My rating: 95/100

Link to buy:

UK: Amazon £11.99

mushroom - buy here


USA: Amazon from $8.99

mushroom USA


The recommended age range for this cuddly toy is 3 years and upwards with dimensions of the product are 7.5 x 4.4 x 3.2 i

My Opinion

A Cuddly toy is a perfect comforter for any child, the Minecraft Mooshroom Plush Toy is no exception and is very cute and adorable which also makes a very good traveling companion for any young Minecraft fan or cuddly toy collector!

It should be delivered in a presentable plastic bag within the shipping box and with a quick delivery time.

It comes as described in the presentation Photo on Amazon and the reviews often mention that children take to them straight away and love sleeping with them and showing them off in school and as it is only a small cuddly toy the Minecraft Mooshroom plush toy is 7.5″

You will soon realise that is ideally suited for night time as it is not too big to be a risk to a child sleeping.

I would recommend this product and perhaps it is a good way of starting a new collection with the plush toy range as a toy collection has many benfits for children’s development.

It is an adorable toy and makes a great gift!

Overall I think the description with regards to the sizing is accurate, with very good product quality that is expected of all licensed Minecraft merchandise, The thing I like about Amazon is the fast delivery they offer especially for prime members making the whole shopping experience five star.

Minecraft Mushroom


                                  This would make an ideal gift for a family member or an avid fan of Minecraft

The Minecraft Mooshroom Plush toy is made from a very soft polyester, the details and colours are true to the character you find in the game itself.

I would recommend for any Minecraft enthusiast and the price allows you to add tot the collection as they are not an expensive toy to buy. 

Three Plush toys on Amazon will cost you around £21 which isn’t bad at all.

plush toys

Thankyou for taking the time to read my review and I hope it’s helped you decide on starting a new collection or trying out how cuddly plush toys are!




4 Replies to “Minecraft Mooshroom Plush Toy”

  1. Minecraft was one of the few video games I liked my son playing when it first came out – a wonderful simple game but with an educational element (it introduced him to certain problem solving issues within the game etc). 

    Love this Mooshroom Plush toy – would make a perfect gift for my son to give to his sister over the Xmas period (as he’s a little too old for this sort of thing now!). 

    Do they come in different colours, or just red?

    1. hi Chris 

      There’s actually different colours and different types.

      The photo at the bottom of my post with the 3 toys for £21 has a link attached to amazon with all the different type of plush toy characters listed. 

  2. Darren, Hello! You made another gift to kids. 

    Your Minecraft Mooshroom Plush Toy topic will be needed by everyone very quickly. Because these plush toys are hygienic and affordable. 

    But most importantly, they occupy and develop children comprehensively. I had the pleasure of listening to the fantastic stories that older children invent. And the little ones fall asleep, hugging their plush characters.

    Children and parents thank you for your site. Mark

    1. Hi Mark 

      Wow thankyou! I’m so happy to read the comment you left! 

      It’s so nice to read about the plush toys being a comforter ! 

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