Minecraft Mini Figure Collector Case

Minecraft Collectors Case

I came across this item the other day and thought it a rather  sensible idea and so I wanted to review it and bring it to your attention.

How many times do we get asked by our children for little toys here and there or something they want to start collecting?

Minecraft Collectors case

Minecraft mini figures are another collectable delight and just another set of toys with a chance to just disappear under the bed never to be seen again or to get chewed up by the pet dog.

However now  you have a way to safely store and display all your children’s collectible Figures!

They can be displayed in a specially Featured cube shaped collectable carry case that can also double up as a display case, the  case is designed to hold 32 mini-figures however sadly these are not included.

A collecting hobby can give to  Incentive to complete chores!

You will never lose your personal collection of characters while helping to teach your child to look after items aswell as give them an incentive to to chores or homework as they will want to add to their collection!

The case excitingly also doubles as a play set! simply Turn the display set on it’s side and the play set is  revealed!

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You instantly have a Minecraft inspired environment for your child to play and use that precious imagination with there hard earned Minecraft mini-figures and once they are finished just simply close up the case and carry it by the handle to put safely away.

Key Features

some key points and advantages I found in researching this product are listed below:

  • Safe to store and display collectible Minecraft Mini-Figures!
  • The Minecraft Collector Case can double as a fun play set instantly
  • Mini-figures are stored on one side and played with on the other side 
  • Case easily closes shut and includes a handle so that you can carry your figures around with you or on a visit to Grandparents!
  • A great gift for any Minecraft fan to bring to life this game in real life!
  • there are is no set up required its ready to go straight out of the packaging!
  >>>Click here for mini figures<<<

This product is sensibly priced at £18 and delivered the next day when bought on Amazon. You can also buy a variety of mini figures as a starter pack beginning at £9.99 but as ever there are many choices to add to your order without having to walk around the shops all day looking for deals. Particularly good on the amazon packs is that 1 out of 3 figures in a pack is an exclusive figure and you also get to choose what figures you want as you have all the products under one roof.

I would rate this product at 4.5 out of 5 stars for its uses as a tool of persuasion and incentive for children to appreciate rewards for tasks and to have somewhere safe to keep their toys and 5 stars when you add the figures.


I hope my review was adequate and wish you luck making a choice on whether this product is suitable for your child!