Minecraft Lego Sets – The Nether Railway

The Nether

Minecraft Lego Sets – The Nether Railway

Overall Ranking: 97/100

best Price: £29.99 in Amazon

Buy here:  Lego Minecraft 21130 The Nether Railway Building Set

The Nether Railway set Includes Steve Lego mini figure, as well as  a zombie pig man and two magma cubes one small magma cube and one large. Minecraft Lego sets are always have excellent details on the pieces and this set is no exception with the Nether Railway set it features a mining cart that travels around a curved track that includes a hopping magma cube function. Jump aboard the mining cart with Steve’s diamond pickaxe and ride the Nether Railway! When you race the mining cart over the track it activates the hopping magma cube function. 

Also included is accessories such as the Pickaxe, Redstone torch and nether quartz ore.

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This Minecraft Lego set does not require batteries and is ideal for ages 8-18 but Dads you can play as well!!

There are 387 Lego pieces included in this  set and priced at £27.98 that works out to 73p per Lego piece.

if you consider the making of the Lego set and logistics involved in delivering to the suppliers then this is great value for money.

The assembly of this product is easy if you follow the instructions but I would suggest a novice has help or guidance from someone with a little bit more experience. 

I think Minecraft Lego sets in general are good value for money and not over priced like some sets are.

Amazon has plenty of stockists available online however you can also buy through Minecraftoys.com, Just click the link below to visit.

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Comment below and tell me what your favourite Lego set is ? it does not have to be Minecraft related


Minecraft Nether Railway




easy to build


price per brick







  • Stimulating play
  • value for money
  • attention to detail
  • easy to build
  • lots of accessories inlcuded

2 Replies to “Minecraft Lego Sets – The Nether Railway”

  1. You give a lot of good details about Minecraft Lego Sets and there has to be a lot of detail that goes in the making of it, so it is a great bargain for the price. My two sons all ways liked putting them together and now that I have a grandson that’s 8 years old. It was like a great tradition when my son handed his lego’s set down to his son. It is a great way for them to learn and come up with there on ideas on things to build. I will be coming bake to your site to see what else you write about Minecraft lego.

    1. Hi Connie

      Thankyou for your comments it’s greatly appreciated.

      My sons handed their Lego down the chain to my youngest although my middle boy who’s 18 still likes it.

      It’s such a good invention and one that kids love.

      It can be abit pricey but I always try and sourcecthe bedt prices


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