Minecraft Lego Pirate Ship

minecraft lego pirate ship

Minecraft Lego Pirate Ship 

Would you like to build a Minecraft Pirate Lego ship that includes highly detailed gold decor direct from Minecraft?

How about having your very own pirate flag along with a gangplank that is embedded in Pirate history?

Furthermore you can show a power of strength with the cannons to force bountiful merchant ships to submit to surrender. Don’t forget your very own ships resident parrot!

The Lego Minecraft Pirate Ship Lego set also includes a few other surprises.

The new features and characters that are included in the adventure set are:

  • A mini-figure with pirate skin
  • Minecraft dolphin
  • A Minecraft turtle with 2 eggs
  • A Zombie with special effects.

Minecraft Lego Pirate Ship

If you place the zombie in the special base provided you will create the Minecraft zombie-fire effect that will certainly fend off hostile mobs with the ship’s flick-missile cannons system.

In addition, you can  In addition to this, another key feature to the Minecraft Lego Pirate ship is that it allows you to easily swap the ship’s modular building sections. This function enables you to create a secret tropical pirate base to hide your treasure.

The Pirate base smoothly combines with other LEGO Minecraft sets for you to create your very own unique LEGO Minecraft universe.

The Minecraft Pirate adventure set also includes an Alex mini-figure.


Minecraft Pirate Ship

My Rating of the Minecraft Pirate Lego Ship

As a parent, I have experienced enjoyable family time with my children when they were little and I was always fascinated with the use of their imagination and how it was brought to life through Lego.

Combining Lego and Pirates have always provided an engaging platform for role play. This is something that’s missed with computer games that are available in present day for our children.

My Rating for Lego Minecraft Adventure Set is 96/100

By combining Lego, Minecraft and Pirates, it makes a perfect team that enhances imagination through play for children.


Lego Minecraft Pirateship


My preferred choice of platform to buy this Lego set is from Amazon, as a Prime member you can obtain free shipping from certain sellers.

The Average price for this Lego set is 44 USD/GBP at the time of posting. This based on Amazon Prime.

UK buyers:

buy legal here



US buyers:

Buy Lego here


Product Description and Features

The Lego set’s dimensions are 28.2 x 9.55 x 26.2 cm and consists of 386 Lego units that calculates to roughly 10p a brick depending on the price you buy at.

Taking into account the overhead costs of creating a single Lego brick. Energy costs at today’s inflation rate, the price is justified and explains why some Lego sets are so expensive.




Minecraft Lego Pirate Ship - USA

What I like about the Product

The Lego Minecraft Pirate Adventure set as I discussed in the introduction, combines Lego and Minecraft that make the perfect team. Pirates is always a good theme for kids to play at!

Minecraft Lego sets combine with other Lego sets are highly compatible and I certainly would take a look at the LEGO 21141 Minecraft The Zombie Cave Adventures Building Set.

This set will compliment the Minecraft Pirate Lego Ship set very well.

What I don’t like about the Product

There’s not much I can complain about with this set. However, even justifying and breaking down the price of lego this Lego set as I always do. I wish they could be affordable for everyone.

Can we put a price on a child’s creative imagination?




Minecraft Pirate Lego Ship


My Final Thoughts on the Minecraft Pirate Lego Ship

In the light of my thoughts  I would admit this is one of my preferred Lego sets. I Base on the memories I have with my children and I would love for you to build the same memories with your children.

In my opinion the addition of a Zombie, Dolphin and Turtle will only add to the Adventure. They will conjure up excitement in playing role play with likeminded children.

Do you have any comments on this product or experiences? With this in mind, I will look forward to reading about them so just comment below or share.

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8 Replies to “Minecraft Lego Pirate Ship”

  1. Kids love these Lego Minecraft Pirate Ships! A friend of mine had a son who couldn’t get enough of his, and they also had some incredible memories of playing together, and with his little cousin. Sadly, he passed away in a tragic accident, but my friend still treasures these memories as some of her favourites.

    1. You can’t beat Lego and pirates teaming up and especially when it’s combined with in a Minecraft theme! 

  2. This seems like an ideal gift for adventurous children and that includes big ones like me! Tapping into the kids’ imaginations and providing them a means to act out what their dreams may be is a good thing in my mind. Combining the fun that Lego brings to bear along with the Minecraft game is brilliant.

    As you say the cost may seem a bit high to some at first glance, but if you think about the quality and also the real expenses manufacturers have this toy is priced fairly I think. I do not mind paying more for something that will provide years of enjoyment.

    You also mentioned that there are other toys that you can get through the Lego and Minecraft partnership and that interests me as well. The complementary toys would definitely be a big hit with my grandchildren, so I may get both to increase the fun. Thanks for the good review and advice, I am like you, there is no price you can put on providing a rich environment for your kids or grandkids.   


    1. Hi 

      I can see the advantages for this Lego set and Lego sets are pricey but you do have to take into account the overheads when they are produced. I like to break down the cost per unit as it gives a better insite to the consumer as to why the price is set as it is. 

      If you look through the menu I have reviews for different categories plus an online shop with products in. 

  3. Hi Darren,

    I have a niece and nephew that love “all things pirate.”  So, this Minecraft Lego Pirate Ship is a perfect gift for them!

    It says that this toy is for kids aged 8 and above – but, my niece is 6 and my nephew is only 5.  However, they both already love Lego toys and they are already showing their creativity in many ways – so, I think they are probably old enough to get a real bang out of this one!

    I see that this is an “Amazon’s Choice” item and it is currently selling for less than $32 USD – with free shipping – so, I’m thinking that now is the time to buy – before they raise the price again!


    1. HI Jim

      I think the age rating is a guideline required by Law but like you my kids played with Lego from around 5 or 6 as well.

      Amazon promote items and any savings for parents is a bonus, many lego products on amazon are actually cheaper than the lego shop itself!

  4. There is nothing as good as meeting our kids demand. I can’t joke with his happiness. I love it when kids think and dream like an hero. Although, I haven’t gotten any of this pirate kit for my kid but each time we pay a visit to my grandmother, he love playing it with his cousins over there. Sad thing, I can’t ask him to stay with them because of that, I have to get his own for him. Am only waiting for the right time to place my order for the Lego kit. Nothing can be too expensive for my dear kid. This is a useful review because I now have the real insight about price for UK based. I don’t need to be guessing anymore. 

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