Minecraft Lego ideas

As In the game there are no boundaries as to what the individual can conjure up with their minecraft Lego ideas. How big is your imagination?

If you can come up with something unique then you can even submit your idea to Lego!!: https://ideas.lego.com/howitworks and get your work published in the Lego community.

Theres so many ways to make new sets with Minecraft Lego and as Lego uses blocks to build just as Minecraft does in the virtual world what better way to bring your sets to life?

There is nothing you can’t do on Minecraft that you can’t do with your lego ideas!

If don’t want to set you Lego sets that you have made on a display shelf you can always dismantle and create you own ideas just as you can on the game.

This version of Lego is available in any toy store or toy section of any major department store as well as online and Lego stores.

A good suggestion would be to design a building in your world then see if you can re- create it in real life using Lego pieces for Minecraft sets that you have already bought! Get creative with you Minecraft Lego ideas as the more you push your mind the more stimulated you can become in other parts of your life.

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Mojang and Lego encourage Children to post their Minecraft Lego Ideas !!

Lego and Mojang have really delivered on Lego’s Mission of creating products to innovate children’s creativity and learning through play, They see that learning through the process of play is essential to our children’s development.

I like the fact there is a separate website to cater for these unique products and fully support the idea of encouraging a child’s creativity by having them post their ideas and designs on their website not only to for that child to feel special but to learn from the children !

Lego Minecraft Fortress

You’ve built a huge fortress on the open, grass-covered Minecraft plains, complete with lookout towers, large pressure-plate doors, an area for growing vital crops and food for feeding your horse and sheep, plus a cool waterfall.

This you can easily picture on your screen but what about in the real world?

Thanks to Lego you can!!

It’s time to defend your home in real life and awaken and stimulate your imagination! Click here to checkout my Fortress review!