Minecraft Hoodie Blanket For Kids


Minecraft Hoodie Blanket For Kids


Name: Minecraft Hoodie Blanket for Kids.                    MINECRAFT HOODIE BLANKET FOR KIDS

Website: Best buy Amazon Prime

£26.99 / $30

Overall Rank: 9/10

About Minecraft Hoodie Blanket for Kids

MINECRAFT HOODIE BLANKET FOR KIDS has MULTIPLE DESIGNS for you to choose from, they can be viewed throughout the review. While you enjoy the world of Minecraft, kids can get comfortable and cosy this winter with these incredible oversized hoodies.

The hoodies as have been designed to keep your kids comfy and feature long sleeves, a hood and an extra large kangaroo pocket. Available in multiple Unisex designs featuring the video game’s most popular characters


ONE SIZE FITS ALL! Minecraft oversized hoodies are one size fits most and are suitable for boys and girls between 7 and 14 years old. Please refer to product images for measurement and detailed size charts, from the shoulder 58.5cm.




The Minecraft hooded blankets for boys and girls are extremely soft and comfortable and have been produced using high quality super soft fleece material (100% Polyester) These are original oversized hoodies which are part of the official Minecraft merchandise collection.If you have a child who loves this popular game thn it makes a great  gift for boys, girls or teenagers  This hoodie blanket presents some incredible designs with super cool prints of Creeper and TNT



After a long day at school during the winter months, most children like nothing more than getting back home getting cosy and playing there favourite activities. The Minecraft Hoodie blanket lets them do just that.






The price ranges from £24.99 to £26.99 on Prime which works out roughly to $28-$30 for US customers, I would only by from Prime to safe on Shipping fees.

The price of these Blanket Hoodies is slightly higher than average due to their branding. Unbranded Hoodie Blankets or a few pounds/dollars less. However there is not much in it.


To view and buy items: 


At the end of the day a parent wants to treat their child to what they want. If they love minecraft then this is a perfect comfy item to keep the winter chill off. The choice is to the individual reading my review. I would not pay more than £30/$35 dollors for a hoodie blanket but I am ok buying this at the price it is as I understand the branding and marketing side of things. If you are looking for something Cheaper then Amazon has plenty to choose from.

you can check them out by clicking the image below:

8 Replies to “Minecraft Hoodie Blanket For Kids”

    1. thats great to hear and I hope they are finding them very useful! I think kids will wear and look after things when its something to do with there favourite items and the Minecraft Hoodie blanket fits that.

  1. OMG! My kids would love this. Looks cosy, warm and comfortable and at a decent price. Would make a fantastic Christmas gift or even Christmas eve. Minecraft has been a ‘thing’ for so long now. I remember my nephew getting into it… he’s almost 18 now. So this is bang on trend!

  2. Wow! Minecraft hoodie blankets for kids. We all desire that our kids keep warm and not forget their clothing some where don’t we? My children just adore these hoodie blankets and I know that they will take care of them because they seem to adore them and want to care them around like Linus in Peanuts. The fascination with mine craft will help to ensure these items are not lost and they certainly are admired by my children. I think I will order some. Thanks for the thought in this article..

    1. Hi many thanks for your comment and your most welcome ! My youngest wanted a hoodie to wear in the house after his mum bought one (not a Minecraft one ! ) 

      We looked around and found this so we bought him the green one, as soon as he comes home from school he gets changed and the Minecraft blanket hoodie goes straight on! 

  3. Wow , those hoodies are dope! I especially like the pink one! It’s a shame they don’t make this for adults! This will be a nice gift for my nephew. He is a fan of Minecraft and he will be pleased as well. Do you know if there are other models than those you presented in the articles? Or other colors? Thank you!

    1. They think of everything for merchandising don’t they! I haven’t come across other styles as yet but when I do I will add them to the review.

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