Minecraft Wolf Plush Toy

untamed wolve

Minecraft Wolf Plush Toy

Product Description

Now you can take your favorite Minecraft characters where ever you go with the Minecraft Plush Collection.

Cuddle up with this Untamed Wolf cuddly toy from Minecraft!

This adorable plush toy is made from soft polyester fibers and measures approx 5.5 inches tall.

The untamed Wolve Plush cuddly toy is ideal for younger children who enjoy minecraft and still like their toys. It’s roughly 5.5″ high which makes it ideal for a little travel companion and comforter as well as fitting nicely into a travel bag incase your child wants a break!


  • AUTHENTIC TOY – Officially licensed by Minecraft; designed and created by JINx
  • TRUE Merchandise- You’ll be a Happy Explorer as your cuddle with this Untamed Wolf that more than resembles a cute puppy rather than a wolve!
  • Very CUDDLY – made from soft polyester Velboa fibers
  • ADORABLE SIZE – Measures approximately 5.5 inches tall, This toy is part of a range of Minecraft Characters
  • Child FRIENDLY – Suitable for ages 3 and up

The recommended age range for this cuddly toy is 3 years and upwards with dimensions of the product are 7.5 x 4.4 x 3.2 inches with a shipping weight of 2.4 ounces.


Where to Buy

The best place to buy if you would like a speedy delivery is Amazon, especially if you are an Amazon prime member as you can get same day delivery.

My rating: 95/100

Link to buy:

USA: Amazon Price $12.99 – Click Here



A Cuddly toy the perfect comforter for any child, this little Wolf is no exception and is very cute and adorable and making it a very good traveling companion for any young Minecraft fan or cuddly toy collector!

It should be delivered in a presentable plastic bag within the shipping box and with a quick delivery time.

It comes as described in the presentation Photo on Amazon and the reviews often mention that children take to them straight away and love sleeping with them and showing them off in school and as it is only a small cuddly toy the Minecraft untamed wolf is a 5.5″ and is  ideally suited for night time as it is not too big to be a risk to a child sleeping.

I would recommend this product and perhaps it is a good way of starting a new collection with the plush toy range.

It is an adorable toy and makes a great gift!

You can see reviews and buy this product from our shop just……..


4 Replies to “Minecraft Wolf Plush Toy”

  1. What a great gift this made for my daughter!

    I came across this page after looking at your plush baby pig page!

    As stated we have this untamed wolf, it’s extremley soft and now it’s her new pet dog!

    1. Hi Diane!

      that’s great to read! Thanks for leaving the comment and appreciate it!

      I am glad your daughter loves the untamed wolf. That’s what we are here for to make sure parents get an independent review of products for their children

  2. Such an adorable toy!

    Reminds me of my days spending time on Minecraft.
    I am no longer active on Minecraft but my nieces and nephews are.
    I think this will definitely make a wonderful Christmas present for them (yes, I can’t wait for Christmas)!
    And, it’s not too big!
    Exactly the size you are able to put in your bed, with other cuddly toys ( you know, children just love cuddly toys)!

    Definitely gonna list this on my Christmas shopping list!
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. HI

      Yes they are just the right size aren’t they and not only a great travel soother but a great collector’s item as they have lots of characters available!

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