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Minecraft guide book – Guide to Creative

On the 1st June 2017 Minecraft launched a new guide book to help enhance your Creative and Exploration skills!

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With this guidebook you will be able to learn the finer points of architecture, art and other creative disciplines a lot better! This book is full of Creative insights so you can put theory into practice to help erect incredible constructions in Minecraft.

The guide outlines how you can work to combine colours and textures to create various themes and design intricate plans for complex builds unique to you but you will also have the knowledge to  finding out about secret hacks to use blocks in spectacular ways.

This new guide book Our will definitely be the go to book for any gamer who faces challenges they need to overcome and to learn the tricks they might use to overcome them.

The Minecraft guide to creative is full of advice for builders of all levels and comes in 3 parts so it is easier to use.

Part one deals with preparation as good planning is essential to any build. any building needs strong foundations or it will not last. You will be able to use the advice in the guide book to help process the lie of the land in your world as various natural landscapes might help or hinder you. It will also help out with choosing a strong colour scheme.

Part two is all about decoration and outlay of your building. you will find  practical information such as arranging from how to light your builds to how to arrange your essential utilities. The guide will give you a step by step walk through to the intricacies of banner production, landscaping and clever block hacks which let you obtain  more detail into your designs.

Part three and the last part of the guide will put everything you’ve learnt into practice with a series of building guides these are listed as:

a remote outpost,

exotic villa

ocean observatory.

For the more eccentric reader there is even  steampunk airship!

The book retails at £9.99 but after doing some research it is listed on Amazon from £3.99, if you wish to buy it click the link to choose your copy! :

>>>Minecraft creative guide<<<



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