Minecraft Enchanted Bow and Arrow

Minecraft Enchanted Bow and Arrow

Overall Ranking: 90/100

Price: £29.99 – Click here to view

Owners: Minecraft


Although not suitable for children under 6 and supervised correctly this is a cool toy for any would be Minecrafter!

The life-size bow and arrow can be loaded and fired so care must be taken however with this in your inventory those creepers zombies and skeletons do not stand a chance!!


This product is only suitable for children over the age of 6 but I suggest even then they are supervised unless they use pretend arrows!

The toys look as if they have just been plucked from the game itself and are totally pixelated


I would suggest an enchanted bow for a huntress and an original bow for a hunter!! So both boys and girls will be happy

Both bows shoot up to 20 feet so parents beware!!

The hunters original bow I have sourced for £25.99




Prices range from £32.99 – £41.99 for this toy however the Minecraft bow and arrow sets I have sourced are slightly cheaper and just as much fun which starts from £29.99  >>click here to buy<<

Minecraft bow and arrow set for the hunters is £25.99

You can >>click here to buy<< 


I would say this is an ideal toy to stimulate imagination especially I feel it is ideal as an incentive to get a child of the computer and let their imagination run wild in a real forest rather than a virtual one for a change.

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4 Replies to “Minecraft Enchanted Bow and Arrow”

  1. Thanks for the memories.
    WOW man I did not think anyone still had one of these.
    I know what I want for Christmas.
    I great present for my friends and family and to put on the family hearth just for smiles.
    Oh yes, we must keep in touch so when I have people come over we can talk about party favors.
    Love your work sir.
    What new projects are you working on?

    1. Hi 

      yes it’s a pretty good toy, my kids actually took them to the forests when they were little and it certainly helped them burn more energy ! 

      so what would you like me to review next?  There’s so many to choose from !!

  2. I have a nephew who is obsessed with minecraft, whenever I go over to my brothers house he is always on it

    I know he would definitely love some of the toys you talk about on this website

    Thanks for the great review of the product because it’s hard to know whether or not a product is good quality before you buy it

    Best wishes


    1. Hey finn 

      I’m glad you liked it and hope it comes in useful, therecarw good quality toys out there however there are so bad quality aswell. 

      Thankyou for the encouragement 


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