Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft Education Edition

So I was browsing the Minecraft website earlier and came across The Education edition, I’ve known about it for sometime but never really researched it until now and truly think its a great idea!

The Minecraft education edition takes this virtual world one step further in promoting creativity, collaborating and problem solving. There really is no limit to the imagination of  a child or adults for that matter.

This program could really be beneficial to child who struggles with stimulation in the classroom. I bet I’m only parent who’s child can’t wait to get home and have computer time!

One of my sons has ADHD and although very intelligent, struggles to get stimulated in some subjects such as English and maths. If a teacher was able to engage in a virtual minecraft themed class room even for 30 minutes a week then perhaps this would be more progressive and engaging. Too many children lose out on there education as they don’t fall into line with the Education system, unfortunately I have had this experience first hand however the Normal minecraft game really helped my son with his English and counting aswell as his typing skills in Primary School.

I know this is not for all Children but for some it could well be the thing that inspires and motivates them to Learn. There are lessons for every age group from 3-6 yrs right through secondary school.

I would recommend the Minecraft Education edition for sure!


This is just my opinion and I’d love to hear yours!!

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  1. Totally agree mate , every person learns in different ways , if we could get kids to enjoy learning it would unlock a lot of their potential !

    1. Exactly right Tim,

      If you don;t fit into the Schools Curriculum its hard due to resources to cater for every childs needs, is is a cost effective way of doing just that, unlocking thier potential!!

  2. Great idea I have a nephew who finds it hard to sit in a classroom and to conform to the tradition education system. At home he loves playing minecraft and it also keeps his brain engaged while he isn’t in the classroom

  3. Totally Agree with you Jessie !!

    My son Brandon is exactly the same and this minecraft actually helped him to read and to improve his typing skills, there is nothing they can’t build. The saddest thing as we grow is the loss of our imagination!!

  4. This looks to me like a great program and would certainly be beneficial for reducing ADHD, ADD and other neurological problems that so many of our children suffer from today.
    As one of your readers wrote, the imagination needs to be stimulated in our children. This gives them encouragement to think for themselves and grow mentally. I sincerely hope more take advantage of this educational tool. Ches

    1. I most certainly agree with your comments, a lot of schools now run minecraft clubs of a lunch time and during after school activities so hopefully the momentum is building!

  5. I’ve never tried it before but I think it’s a great way to learn. I know that people with ADHD are actually really smart. I guess as parents you have to find a way to expose their true potential.

    1. If you can get them interested in a subject they hyper focus then become an expert on that subject. Well in my experience anyway.

      ye you know child better than anyone and what they like and dislike and the next people to that are the Teachers.


  6. Absolutely brilliant idea!

    The education curriculum has to change with the times and be brought up today and this is a great way of moving in the right direction !

    1. Hi Yasmin

      I totally agree and I have experienced it already with my own children. Minecraft Education Edition has helped my youngest with his spellings.

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