Minecraft Diamond Sword, Is It Overpriced?

minecraft diamond sword

Minecraft Diamond Sword, Is It Overpriced?


So this is my question and I will answer it for you through my own experience as a parent: Minecraft Diamond Sword, is it overpriced? Now we are talking about the hard plastic version here and based on some buyers reviews they feel it is but I want to point a few things out in comparison to the Foam diamond Sword before you rush of and look for the cheaper option, please here me out Guys and Girls!

Now we all know that Minecraft is one of the most popular video games in the history of well video games!  Minecraft is a very simple structured game involving blocks it’s a bit like online lego is ti not? Players can create out of this world structures and anything their imagination can conjure up, not only that but players are able to embark on quests and adventures either playing solo or with friends in their own world or in a multiplayer world. Minecraft is very much a global community with servers around the world.

The plastic replica diamond sword is an exact replica as the one you would receive in the game itself and comes with a very detailed pixelated pattern, just as it does in the game. Minecraft Diamond Sword dress up accessory

Minecraft first came out with a diamond sword version that was made from a very tough, durable foam.

Although slightly smaller than the foam version, the newer version is made of a hard plastic. This new material helps the sword last a lot longer than the foam swords, however, caution needs to be taken into consideration especially with over-excited children and hard plastic sticks which can lead to a little bit of destruction or damage hopefully not to each other!

The replica plastic Minecraft diamond sword has many positive reviews but parents are slightly split as to whether they think it is worth the price. The two views that pop up the most is the view on the price of the hard plastic diamond sword.

So, some Parents feel that the Minecraft diamond sword, is overpriced but as their children love it and spend many periods of the day playing with it, you could say in that regards it is money well spent to see them laughing and enjoying themselves surely?

Parents paying for overpriced products for children is not a rarity is it! 



Is it just me or does it seems parents are held to ransom when it comes to our children but if the child is getting pure enjoyment from the product is it not money well spent?

I firmly believe that it depends where people are buying from as prices vary from one seller to another. It does pay to look around and that is exactly why I am writing this review, to help you find this product at the best price.

Minecract Hard Plastic Diamond Sword

Varied Prices And Where To Buy Online

eBay, for example, the price ranges from £5.99 – £29, however, the majority of listings are actually the EVA foam variety :



Compared to Amazon?

Amazon has it listed from £14.99 – £41.99  and it is also fulfilled by Amazon and not a private seller with many listing having 5-star reviews:

buy here


Funny thing is, the Hard Plastic sword is only £2 dearer on Amazon than the Foam Diamond Sword which is still a great and durable toy but not as hard wearing as the hard plastic version.

My kids have had both versions and as a parent, I would point out that after 2 years the hard plastic version is still going strong, the foam version lasted 6 months.



The recommended age range for this toy is 4-18 years but any child under the age of 7 should be supervised, especially if playing with other children as accidents can happen.

The plastic Minecraft diamond sword is very light and weighs in at just 141 grams and is 53.3cm long, which makes it easy to control for the younger children.

This is a very straightforward toy that requires no batteries or assembly. Just open the packaging and your good to go!

  • Product Weight: 141 g
  • Dimensions: 25.4 x 2.5 x 53.3 cm
  • recommended age:: 4 – 18 years
  • Item model number: 65684
  • Assembly Required: No
  • Batteries Required?: No
  • Material Type(s): Plastic
  • Material Composition: Plastic



Advantages of the Plastic Diamond Sword

The main advantage as I have pointed out is the durability of the product that I have experienced first hand. I also feel that the hard plastic sword is safer for children as the foam sword has sharper points on the pixels of the blade. Also, it has a plastic rod to which the foam is stuck to. Once the foam has torn then if your kids are like mine it is stripped pretty quickly leaving a nice plastic rod in its place. I feel that is far more dangerous for a child to be waving about.

The foam sword is tempting to hit and play roughly with as kids see it as foam so it will not hurt. It does!

Children are not stupid and my three boisterous sons certainly played softer with the hard plastic diamond sword.



I recommend the hard plastic Minecraft diamond sword as it is highly durable and I believe a lot safer in the long run than the foam version but hey, that’s my view and I am just passing it on to help you make up your minds.

I also would choose to buy from Amazon as the logistics when being sent from am Amazon warehouse is far superior to a private seller on eBay.

The other benefit from that is if you are a prime member and order early enough you can receive it on the same day!

Please feel free to comment below if you find this any cheaper as I would pass this on to my audience as every penny saved, helps!

Happy Shopping!


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22 Replies to “Minecraft Diamond Sword, Is It Overpriced?”

  1. So glad I came across this review! My nephews loves minecraft and I think this would be the perfect sword for “fighting” lol. Thanks for the detailed info and your 1st hand experience with each sword.

    1. HI

      Your welcome, I hope it has helped you out and I was able to put the experiences of both swords and 3 sons to good use! lol



  2. Darren, interesting review of the pros and cons of plastic vs foam diamond swords. Like yourself, I think having a toy that lasts longer is worth the money. I would buy the hard one and talk with my grandkids on how “not to hurt each other”. I suspect once they felt a hard sword hit, they would learn quickly. Nice review. – Thanks. – shirley

    1. Hi Shirly

      I agree with you, educate them to play responsibly then the fun can be had by all!


  3. If anyone I know ever needs information about Minecraft, this is surely where I will send them! Alot of great info here!

  4. Thank for your review, my daughter is just getting into Minecraft and she will absolutely love this! Sounds like the plastic one is the way to go!!

    1. Hi Nicole

      Yes, it seems to be, Mine is still here, My son had the Axe as well and that is still going strong as well, The review on that will be coming shortly.

  5. Very good info.  I, myself no very little about mine-craft however my grandson is all about it.  He hasn’t come an asked for anything outside the game so far but Im sure its coming.  Its great to have a review such as yours.  I really dont think the prices you showed are that bad.  At least I know I have a site to go to if he asks.  Thanks.

    1. Hi Dale 

      Many thanks ! Yes please ask away as I do have a 13 year old Minecraft consultant here so anything you need to know drop me a line! 


  6. Interesting topic…

    Not being a gamer, and with my daughter being in her early 20’s, I cannot really relate, but did find this topic and article very interesting. You do talk about the Foam sword as well. Do you believe there are any advantages to the Foam sword at all?

    Another question? Do you think the hard plastic Minecraft diamond sword is over-priced, or worth it?



    1. Hi Brad 

      As a parent  I think it’s best to consider  what your child is like.  My son had both and as hecwas quite heavy handed the foam sword only lasted 3 weeks. He decided I’ve wanted the pelagic support pipe inside the foam. 

      The hard plastic sword is still in his now neglected  box of nerf guns as he is now 13 he rarely pays them much attention. 

      The foam sword I would suggest is better for  less destruct ful or inquisitive  children but also  ideal for younger kids.

  7. Darren,

    Without a doubt Minecraft is an area of interest for millions across the web. I do believe the reviewing of Minecraft toys is a great Niche area online. Your in-depth review of the Minecraft sword plastic vs.foam is very informative. My oldest son who is now 25 has been playing Minecraft since he was about 10 years old and still plays to this day! I noticed you’ve tapped into Google AdSense and I hope this is working well for you on your website. Keep up the great work and continue to do great reviews on Minecraft toys.

    1. Hi Chris 

      Your never too old for Minecraft! It’s a really sophisticated program and some people really create life like structures on it. 

      It’s good that it is now available on games consoles as it’s easiee for children like my 7 year old nephew to use and create stuff in. His dad loved it! 

  8. Lots of stuff is overpriced these days, especially from the big brands. So I think that if your kid is really into Minecraft and it is within your budget, the purchase of the more expensive sword is justifiable.

    On the other hand, if Minecraft is just something your kid plays with on occasion, then maybe I would steer to the less expensive sword.

  9. I liked this review.  It’s easy to just want to go after the cheapest thing you can find, but the bottom line is that toys like this are going to put to the test in the wear-and-tear category, so it probably does make more sense to look for quality and durability rather than just using the price point as your bottom line.  Thanks for clueing us in on the differences and giving us some good options.

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