Minecraft Character Toys

We all have our own favourite things and there is no difference in Minecraft!

My son Brandon has his own minecraft character toys and so will you or already have. You got to know them within the game first and then they became available in toy stores. here we have the Hostile Mobs pack:

These Minecraft Character toys include the charcters Zombie with Sword, Enderman, Creeper, and Wither Skeleton with Bow and Arrow

When you explore the Overworld, beware of the Hostile Mobs !!!




My son Brandons all time favourite Minecraft Character toys have to be the diamond sword and the owner of the sword Steve! and with steves figure you get a tiny version of the sword aswell! Checkout the detail on these figures, nothing has been left out.

This articulated Steve action figure comes with accessories and is dressed in  Diamond armour which is is the most durable of all the sets in Minecraft,

the figures are recommended For ages 6 years and over.

I don’t think anyones actually counted how many characters there are in Minecraft but I am planning to add characters each week aswell as finding how many are actually available as figures to buy.

 One of the most popular monsters on minecraft is the Creeper and again no detail has been missed on this version of Minecraft Character toys, It’s highly details and articulated once again and is how you would find it on the game itself.

Creepers stealth like approach players and explode at the most inconvenient of times however They’re vulnerable to cats and ocelots, and make and ominous hissing noise when they are about to pop! so take note buy a cat!!

Please leave a comment below and tell me about your favourite minecraft character toys! I will had them on my page with your name !!

Happy Minecrafting!!

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