Minecraft Build List!!

Ideas for building:

when you start the main thing as in real life when camping is to choose an ideal location as you don’t want to start building then change your mind especially if your playing survival mode, you won’t survive! quick tip; if you are playing survival mode choose high ground or perhaps some sort of tree house to protect you from predators.

Your Minecraft build list should include a plan not to crowd everything into one room, spread out! build your living area, have a bedroom or two but plan to expand and build a protective wall however make sure you don’t spread out too far, have your various rooms leading of the main living area or main corridor like you would in a house.

If you are thinking of building into the side of a hill or mountain then consider the layout as you can easily get lost, what would happen if a predator breached your security? in Minecraft a build list can really help you decide the direction you want to go in and stick to the build list you prepared.

Minecraft build list: 

Shelter: basic items you would need to live in real life such as fireplace, table, bed, you can expand as you go.


You will need to have a storage place for extra food and equipment so don’t hold back on the size of this as area.


You will need to eat and survive so make sure you can build somewhere with an open space to farm. include space for sheep, pigs, cows plus an area for you to grow vegetables, don’t forget to protect them!!


Once you have your structure in place you might want to expand your Crib! Brandon always includes a Library on is Minecraft Build list as he loves books plus here you can keep your enchantment books!


also include a mine on your list as we all love a diamond or two don’t we!!


Situate this in a large outside area with a forge where your furnaces will be kept. Storage will be needed to keep building materials while it can also function as an outdoor building.

I hope I’ve giving you a few ideas with this Minecraft building list, I’m no expert like Brandon but would love to read about your plans and ideas on how you set your buildings up!! Please comment below !!

Your own designs

now lets not forget that this game is about imagination and creation so it would be silly of me to not include your own designs would it!

you and your imagination have no boundaries and once you have mastered your skills in Minecraft you can really create whatever you wanted plus you can o back whenever you wanted and add more creations as there is really no limits.



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