Minecraft Cubed Bean Bag Review – The Cube Shaped Cushion !

Minecraft Cubed Bean Bag

As a gamer, you will know about Minecraft and as a parent, you would know about Minecraft as chances are your kids are into it or have played the game.

The game of Minecraft is famous for its classic cubed style building blocks which brings a lot of fun and creativity for all age groups.minecraft bean bag

There can be no better way to get comfortable in order to play Minecraft! Sitting or laying down on a fun cube-shaped beanbag with a Mineraft theme. This is tolatally ideal for any gamer! Minecraft fans are craving these bean bags!

The Minecraft Bean Cube is an officially licensed product with an exciting design which makes it a perfect way to relax while gaming or for a full bedroom makeover.



Size: 40 x 40 x 40cm.

Type: Kids Beanbag

Removable Cover: No

Cover Material: 100% Cotton

All gamers will know Minecraft is famous for its classic cubed style. This fun, cube-shaped cushion is ideal for all Minecraft fans.


Product Description

This fun, cube-shaped cushion is ideal for all Minecraft fans. It’s an exclusive design and perfect for gamers to relax while you or your child is in the zone gaming or watching TV.

The Minecraft Cubed  Bean bag also coordinates well with  Minecraft bedding for a full bedroom makeover.

What I don’t like about the Minecraft Bean Bag

The Minecraft Cubed bean bag has had mixed reviews on Amazon as a few customers have received their purchase and complained of a damp feeling that was due to the fire retardant coating that was explained to them after contacting the supplier.

It is also not a bean bag that would stand up to an eight-year-old continually jumping on it.


Although there are a couple of cons I am pleased to say that the issues above were dealt deal with and other customers were pleased with the product.

The filament comes in a lining as a top not burst out of any torn seams, however, the bag is well stitched for boisterous children!

it also looks like an authentic Minecraft block and would add a good finishing touch to a Minecraft themed bedroom.

Where to Buy

I would say the best place to buy the Minecraft Cubed Bean Bag is on Amazon. Buying from Amazon will give you piece of mind as you are covered better for any returns etc.

The best price I have come across in the UK is £30.00

Minecraft Bean Bag




I hope you have found this review useful and wish you luck in your search for Minecraft Merchandise!!


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