Minecraft Blockopedia: An Official Minecraft Book from Mojang

minecraft blockopedia

Minecraft Blockopedia: An Official Minecraft Book from Mojang



Minecraft Blockopedia is THE official guide to Minecraft from Mojang and will be an indispensable asset to guide through Minecraft: the blocks!

The Minecraft Blockopedia’s Official guide is presented extremely elegantly as a hexagonal block form encased in a stylish box which, will make a stylish gift for either an experienced minecrafte or a novice just starting out.minecraft blockopedia book

To say Minecraft can be an overwhelming place is very accurate when you first start playing but with the Minecraft blockopedia guide to hand, you have the knowledge and guidance to help you or help your child if they are stuck.

Minecraft Blockopedia will enable you to always know what’s around you and what is under your feet. You will also be given information to show you what options you have at your fingertips. Literally, every single block is featured and includes its location, function, and behaviour.

The guide is 300 pages and is stuffed with facts and images that are grouped into selected groups. This is done by the type of block:

  • Naturally generated,
  • Ores
  • Minerals,
  • Plants,
  • Liquids
  • Gases.

As well as their properties, you will be provided with all the stats on blast resistance, transparency, light emittance and block drops.

Minecraft blockopedia guide also lets you discover the secrets of each block but also gives the factual information about how they behave. minecraft blockopediaTo the right there is an image of one of the pages, click on it to enlarge it so you can see the example of how it is describing the element of Ice.

The basic blocks such as dirt, grass, and cobblestone, you will find abundance in the Overworld, however, to find a rarer variety of mineral such as Nether quartz ore, it will mean a trip into the Nether dimension and this is where the guide will come to your aid.

With the Minecraft Blockopedia guide, you are going to survive a lot better while you live a happier and stronger game life.

I suggest the most suitable age for this guide is from 9 years upwards so it can be fully appreciated.

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My Opinion

The Mojang Minecraft books always produce value for money. Each page that introduces a new block is presented with a very well illustrated image that is a full page covering the hexagon shape of the block.

The guide covers every block as mentioned in the introduction too and covers every item from ores to flowers and fences to brewing stands, also covered is Redstone repeater to command blocks.

I think this blockopedia guide is great value for money as it is well presented an has a unique shape with 300 pages of highly informative content that when broken down works out to 7 pence per page, If you think of all the labour and logistics and costs of materials per page I don’t think its bad mark up at all.

I can’t really pick up on anything I do not like about this book, to be honest as it covers all the details you need and is beautifully packaged.


Minecraft Blockopedia: An Official Minecraft Book from Mojang

Example of content

One parent wrote a review on Amazon about what she and her child learnt to do from this guide:

“I didn’t know that you could make wool from 4 spider string, making survival easier if you can’t find enough sheep quickly; or that if you arrange correctly, just 4 water blocks can irrigate 320 farmland blocks; or that you can use sugar cane as a breathing tower to explore the ocean depths as it doesn’t let water in.”

If that lady had not had the book her and her child would not be able to learn or master the game as quickly.

It always helps to have a guidebook by your side to refer to when playing Minecraft!




Where to Buy

I have sourced the best prices for this guide and the best price I found was for eBay and that came with free postage, however, this comes straight from the seller.

I also recommend Amazon and although dearer it is with Prime so it is picked and packed at an Amazon warehouse so customer service will be second to none.


eBay UK: £8.99 plus Free Postage

buy minecraft on eBay


Amazon UK: £19.95 Free Postage and fulfilled by Amazon

buy here



Again I found for buyers in the USA that eBay was offering better deals than Amazon and other businesses as businesses tend to sell through Amazon and eBay as well I concluded that these were the deals for parents of the UK and USA

Amazon USA: $25.99

eBay USA: $18.99

buy here


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12 Replies to “Minecraft Blockopedia: An Official Minecraft Book from Mojang”

  1. Thanks for explaining in-depth what the Minecraft Blockopedia is. It’s seems it is a thorough and in-depth booklet to guide you and succeed at Minecraft. My brother has being a big fan of Minecraft game when it first came out. I think he will love the Minecraft Blockopedia booklet and it will be a nice gift to give him on Christmas day. That’s for giving me an idea on this Christmas day to buy for my brother.  

    1. Hey Kuu

      your welcome, it covers all the materials he will need in the game and explains their uses. It certainly will make a good present! 

  2. Omg it’s been a while since I’ve seen a gaming guide book, Minecraft totally deserves one! My last book was Final Fantasy and World of Warcraft because I got so busy with work that I can’t spend that much time on games anymore. Have you ever thought of writing your own gaming guide?

    Blockopedia sounds like a great Christmas gift for my brother’s he’s a minecraft addict 😀

    1. Wow final fantasy! that brings back some memories! I used to love that game but like you I ran out of time with work etc.

      Thats good idea, I am thinking of writing a book so watch this space! 

      It has everything, its 300 pages and real value for money for the price as long as you buy it from the right place.

  3. I used to play minecraft when I was, I don’t know, 13 years old. I used to play alone and it was pretty entertaining at the beginning, but when the hours passed it become boring. The other problem was tnat I didn’t know much about the game. So I cound not do many things. 

    However the way I made it more fun was when I played it online. It was even hilarious sometimes hahaha I enjoy bothering other players.

    Question: How many books are out there about minecraft? official books of courses

    1. I can understand how something you play constantly can become boring especially if you play on your own.

      Minecraft is a versatile game and you regained your interest when you went online and interacted with other players as it created new challenges.

      I have 9 books included in this post, you can view the others by clicking on their titles in my post Fredery.

  4. Hey there,

    thanks for the great review! I found it to be informative and helpful 😉 As far as the Minecraft Blockopedia goes, I was very surprised to discover that something like this even exists, haha! Which is honestly so freaking cool and awesome, as Minecraft is a game which truly requires big learning curve, therefore a guide or in this case- blockopedia would in my opinion greatly benefit new comers by teaching them very improtant aspects of the game in great detail and clarity. I also think that more experienced players would also greatly benefit from Blockopedia, as they might learn something new that they perhaps might not have known or not encountered during their play, as well as generally expand their knowledge. Keep up the great work 😉 

    1. Hi 

      Thank you, I’m glad you found the review useful. The Minecraft blockopedia guide book really gives players a better understanding of the uses that the many resources on the game will give you. 

  5. Minecraft Blockopedia is really wonderful books for it’s design and presentation. It will be useful for beginner who are facing problem initially for different types of blocks regarding Minecraft. Since this is a official guide for Minecraft feature, it definitely helps all Minecraft user. 

    I believe that this is a great review about this book and thanks for sharing this with people like us.

  6. Yep Minecraft Blockopedia is a very fascinating game and yes it is well better to play it alongside with its guidance book called “An Official Minecraft Book from Mojang” indeed is really interesting and very entertaining because while you play you also learn it has amazing dimensions and get to know things you know about wow exciting oh yes definitely kids really love playing it.Also it enable you to always know what’s around you and what is under your feet. You will also be given information to show you what options you have at your fingertips.

    On this note I bet you all the best in goodwill hunting.

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