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Be Your Own Director! Minecraft Stop Motion Movie Creator

It is now possible for you to be the director of your very own Minecraft Movie! With Minecraft animation! you can create your own Stop-Motion Movie Creation with a smartphone or tablet using the Minecraft sets turning your Minecraft figures into actors and creating many adventures that only you know the storyline too. Minecraft animation was Inspired by the online community within Minecraft and is an authentic playset with props and four mini-figures, two of these figures are exclusive to this set to the Stop Motion Movie Creator Set. You can now make your very own Minecraft Story Mode!Minecraft Animation! The Stop Motion Movie Creator


My Rating


I’ve given this product a score of 95/100 as it provides stimulation and engagement for a child to create their own movies. I believe this to be a unique idea and one that a parent and child can engage with.Minecraft Animation! The Stop Motion Movie Creator

Where to buy


Amazon £25-£55

The cheapest I have seen this product is for $25 and the most expensive being $55

I have sourced a list of the best places to buy and I recommend Amazon as they hold the product in their fulfilment centres which means it will come directly from them and no third parties.

Minecraft motion movie maker



eBay £29 -£58

The best place for UK buyers to buy is definitely from eBay if you want the best price as unfortunately options are limited on Amazon as there are two sellers asking £111!!! take a look for yourself! AmazonUK

I think that is extortionate and would not for one minute recommend you buy this product through this seller on Amazon.

There are plenty for sale on eBay between £29-£58:


Minecraft movie maker





Benefits of the product

  • Direct your own Minecraft animation, stop-motion movies!
  • The Minecraft Stop-Motion Movie Creator will combine the benefits of game-authentic figures and accessories and a free downloadable mobile app for children and parents to create their own unique adventure movies!
  • Swap out background cards and props to create different environment pieces for endless storytelling for your own Minecraft Story Mode
  • 4 mini-figures that include new and exclusive Spider Jockey (with Enchanted Bow), Exclusive Alex (with Diamond Pickaxe), and Zombie and Zombie in Flames, you can be swapped in and out of frames for stop-motion fun
  • Product Includes 1 movie stage, 4 brand new backgrounds, 4 mini-figures (2 of them are exclusive to this set), a phone/tablet holder, and props!

Product Description and Features

With the Minecraft Animation! The Stop Motion Movie Creator you can choose from one of four brand new, unique backgrounds to set up your stage and use the mini-figures and accessories to create your scene.

Simply Download the FREE mobile app and then animate in three easy steps, Just swap the background cards, props, and environment pieces to create your very own adventure story.

Use the mobile app to create and edit your movies. Its straightforward fun and creative!

Who is the Product for?

The Minecraft Animation! The Stop Motion Movie Creator is ideal for children of the ages between 8-13 years but of course, that is a guideline any younger then please be advised that there are smallish pieces that could cause a choking hazard.

If your child is a Minecraft fan then they will love this product and it is likely they will spend a lot of time making videos that you could load up to youtube. While this is fun it also delivers the basis of learning through play as most Minecraft products do. Here they can learn how animation movies are put together and if they have an interest already then is maybe an avenue for when they are older, especially for 12 to 13-year-olds.

What I like about the Product

If you are a YouTube video watcher and a Minecraft fan then you can now combine the two of them by uploading your Minecraft animation movie. Most children nowadays have their own mobile phones, I like the idea that they can use their devices to create something rather than just surfing the web or playing games. They can actually put it to some use as It combines their love of Minecraft and Social Media and gives a chance to further create and express their artistic talents.

You can also use other Minecraft figures in your movie and you are not limited to just the four figures in the set.

Minecraft Animation! The Stop Motion Movie Creator


What I don’t like about the Product

There have been some reports of a few limitations within the app that is used for the recording however it all depends as well on the phone’s usage and checking for bug fixes with regular updates. As it evolves then the App will improve with the updates.

The solution though is to upload your animation to a computer or even save it in the cloud to clear up memory within the app.

There is a solution to every problem!


Final Thoughts

All in all, I think the Minecraft Animation, Stop Motion Movie Creator is a good and engaging product to buy although only if bought at the right price. I personally would not buy this product for more than £30. I have given plenty of price options to allow you to choose to suit your own budget but it’s definitely worth buying for your child at the right price for you.

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