Minecraft Alex the Plush Toy

Alex the Plush Toy in Creeper costume

Alex The Plush Toy


Alex is one of the characters other than Steve that you can choose to be in Minecraft. It would not be right to have Steve as a plush toy and not Alex!

This Plush toy, however is slightly unique and comes with a twist. Alex The Plus Toy is dressed as the creeper!

Minecraft’s Alex The Plush Toy height is 7 inches. This makes it the perfect size for your child to play with or even display as a collectable.

Plush toys use soft polyester Velboa fibers for the filling. This makes it very easy to cuddle with your favorite themed Minecraft plush toy.

The Minecraft Plush toy collection is Officially licensed by Minecraft. The company that designed and created them are called JINX. They have designed all the Mini Crafter series of small toys.

Minecraft Alex the Plush toy in Creeper Costume



Product Benefits

Alex the plush toy is Officially licensed by Minecraft. Supplied and designed by JINx

  • TRUE Merchandise- Your’re child will be a Happy Explorer as they can cuddle up to a range of Plush Toys which more than resembles the characters in Minecraft
  • Made from soft polyester Velboa fibers
  • ADORABLE SIZE – Measures approximately 7 inches tall. The perfect size for play or display!
  • This toy is part of a range of Minecraft Characters
  • Child FRIENDLY – Suitable for ages 3 and up
  • PREPARE AN ADVENTURE: Children can enhance their imagination.


My Take on the Alex The Plush toy

Minecraft Alex the Plush toy also makes a great idea for a gift. He will make an ideal birthday present. At the same time the Plush toy series doesn’t take up much room. Immediately elevating it as an ideal travel toy.

Alex the Plush Toy is easy maintain and keep clean. Furthermore it’s very safe for small children to play with. As with everything however, anything involving youngsters, supervision is recommended.

In addition to making a good gift or travel toy, it’s also a good investment if you decide you want to collect Plush toys in the Minecraft series.

Toys that are unopened gain value over time and if you have a collection it is more valuable.

The recommended age range for this cuddly toy is 3 years and upwards 



Ideal places to Buy Plush Toys

During current world events I would urge you to order from the safety of your own home over the internet. A great website to visit for Plush toy collectibles is called Toynk.com that have a vast array of Minecraft Plush Toys to keep Steve company.

Therefore, my rating for Steve the Plush toy is: 95/100

Link to buy in USA – $29.98 :

Buy Alex the Plush Toy in Creeper Costume here




UK buyers can purchase for £15:

Minecraft Alex the Plush Toy in Creeper Costume

Conclusion – Minecraft Alex The Plush Toy

As a result, Alex the Plush toy is a good fun dressed up as a Creeper. It still makes a great Cuddly toy and a perfect comforter for any child, just as all plush toys are.

As one of the Prime Character’s in Minecraft, Alex is going to make an excellent traveling companion for any young Minecraft fan.  For instance he travels himself in the game on many adventures. Who better to travel with?

This is the sort of toy children will really take to straight away. Furthermore, kids will love sleeping with the Plush toys and also showing them off in school. As they are classed as a small cuddly toy, Alex the Plush toy is ideally suited for night time as it is not too big to be a risk to a child sleeping.

I absolutely recommend this product. For me, a key point would be that it’s a good way to start a new collection with the plush toy range making it a good long term investment.


  • PREPARE FOR ADVENTURE: All your favorite Minecraft video game characters comes to life as collectible plush!
  • COLLECTIBLE SIZE: Minecraft plush measures 7 inches; the perfect size for play or display!
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Plush is made with soft polyester Velboa fibers so you can cuddle with your favorite Minecraft character.
  • AUTHENTIC COLLECTIBLE: Officially licensed by Minecraft; designed and created by JINX. Part of the JINX Happy Explorer series of small toys.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA: Add plush to your personal collection or gift it to the Minecraft fan in your life!

6 Replies to “Minecraft Alex the Plush Toy”

  1. You know, you outline here that this product is very great to serve as a children’s gift but honestly, this is more satisfactory to me haha. I think I will find great pleasure in buying myself this as I’m a HUGE Minecraft nerd and can never get enough of it. I will be getting this for myself and I am so glad that I have run into this site for this

    1. Hi Misael 

      I respect your honesty! ha ha 

      The great thing about brands like Minecraft is that they are not just for kids, They bring out the best in our creative imagination, don’t they. 

      You will be pleased to hear that I will be adding more plush toy reviews to the website in the near future! 

  2. Haha thanks for the article my guy! I actually really like the looks of this product.. Alex chillin in a creeper hoodie, what minecraft fan wouldn’t love it? I’m a pretty big minecraft fan myself, so I might just have to get this for myself haha. Speaking of Alex.. did you hear she’s in smash bros? 

    1. HI, Thanks for sharing your comments! 

      Its a pretty unusual idea for a toy but I think it applies uniqueness and fun to the plush toy collection. Why not get it! you know you want to! ha ha 

      They make good collectables as well! 

  3. We are always looking for new toys for our youngest grandson so I read this article with interest.  He has recently turned 2 so this plush toy won’t be appropriate for him for awhile.  I am going to bookmark the site so I can make the purchase in a month or so and keep the toy.  We are finding that this kind of toy allows our grandson to become nurturing even at his age.  As well, instead of noise, lights and constant movement, he will use his imagination to play.   Thanks for introducing this toy.

    1. Hi, I’m so glad you think this review has helped you to plan ahead for your Grandsons’ future development.

      I wish these kinds of toys were out when my kids were younger, Minecraft really helped their progress with reading and writing bit off-screen activities that are Minecraft themed are more available now for stimulation and engagment.

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