Minecraft 7.5-Inch Chicken Plush Toy

Minecraft Chicken Plush cuddly toy

Minecraft  7.5-Inch Chicken Plush Toy

Take your Minecraft adventures into the real world! take your adventures in the ultra-popular Minecraft video game from the digital to the real world! these animals plush are must-haves for fans of the game!

Thanks to the Minecraft Plush cuddly toy range you can now have all the characters in cuddly toy form as well as in action figure form! Kids can take them where ever they go.

Your child can now snuggle up or play out their favorite game with the cuddly toys that are around 7.5″ tall so can easily fit in a pocket or a parent’s bag to keep safe.

The Chicken Plush cuddly toy is ideal for younger children who enjoy Minecraft and still like their toys. It is slightly larger than an adult-sized hand which makes it ideal for a little travel companion and comforter.

Minecraft Plush chicken toy

  1. features detailed pixelated embroidery
  2. Take home the creatures of the hit video game Minecraft with this new plush collection! Officially licensed, collect them all!
  3. 7 Different large characters to collect (Chicken, Baby Zombie, Tuxedo Cat, Saddle Pig, Baby Wolf, Rabbit, Zombie)

The recommended age range for this cuddly toy is over 3 years to 15 years.

The dimensions of the product are 19 x 19 x 19 cm with a shipping weight of 90.7g

Its only 7.5″ tall but to avoid being disappointed it is best to realize that these cuddly toys are collectibles and are labeled as toys.

The Materials used to make the Minecraft Chicken Plush toy are polyester fiber and cotton

Where to Buy

The best place to buy if you would like a speedy delivery is Amazon, especially if you are an Amazon Prime member as you can get same-day delivery.

My rating: 93/100

Link to buy:

UK: Amazon price £7.99 – Click Here

The UK price is the cheapest I could find however it is not prime, Prime prices range between £13- £15

USA: Amazon Price $26 – Click Here

Now I know I have only put UK and USA prices on but that does not mean you cannot buy it if you are from another country sellers will have a list of what destinations they ship to.


A Cuddly toy is a cuddly toy but this little piglet is very cute and adorable and makes a very good traveling companion for any young Minecraft fan or cuddly toy collector!

It should be delivered in a presentable plastic bag within the shipping box. It comes as described in the presentation Photo on Amazon and the reviews often mention that children take to them straight away and love sleeping with them and showing them off in school and as it is only a small cuddly toy the Minecraft Chicken Plush Cuddly Toy is ideally suited for night time as it is not too big to be a risk to a child sleeping.

I would recommend this product and perhaps it is a good way of starting a new collection with the plush toy range.



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