Minecraft show : Minecon Earth Live 18th November 2017

minecon earth

Minecraft show : Minecon Earth Live 18th November 2017

Minecon – what is it?

Minecon is a live show which is being aired live on the 18th November 2017. Pitbthis date in your diary, grab your popcorn and enjoy!!



So we know the date, the start time is 5pm GMT and will be live on air for around 90 minutes.

You can watch live from the comfort of your own home or you can attend a designated special screening.

minecon earth

A unique live show! Online! This November!

Minecraft have been looking to find a away to engage their community more and have now found an easy Way to now get their community engaged in MINECON.

By focusing on an interactive and concentrated coverage they have come up with a live internet show that they hope will be that little bit special.

The show will be MINECON EARTH and when they release some more news I will post it ASAP!

To view the special viewing locations >>>>click here <<<<


The mystery surrounding the content of the show is sure to keep everyone in utter suspense !


We’ve always wanted to make it easier for more of our community to participate in MINECON. This year we’re focussing on interactive coverage of a condensed, extra special, show that you can watch LIVE via the internet. We’re calling it MINECON Earth.


Not long to wait though!


Minecon earth










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