Microsoft Xbox One S – Minecraft Themed Console

Minecraft themed xbox

Microsoft Xbox One S Minecraft Themed Console

Microsoft have launched a special edition Xbox one which will be in the theme of our beloved game!!

It has now launched for sale by Microsoft on their website Store however it is listed at $399.

I personally think that’s a bit on the pricey side considering it is just a different colour!

xbox one
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The 1TB console has a creeper themed skin with a matching wireless controller and a vertical stand amongst other features.

I expect they will justify the price as it comes with a 1 month game trial pass to get your kids hooked then you are going to have to pay more for them to continue !!

Just to squeeze a little more out of parents you get a 14 day live gold trial and again you will have to subscribe to continue. I think Microsoft should do a cheaper bundle perhaps with a console and game as not everyone wants Xbox live or can afford it.

As nice as it is I would personally go for a cheaper offer.

I’m giving this a rating of 88/100 purely due to the price of this bundle.

As soon as I research more information for my fellow parents I will be sure to add it!!

What are your thoughts on this price compared to other models?

Minecraft Xbox Bundle








gameplay memory





  • visually attractive for minecraft fans
  • 1TB of memory
  • multiple entertainment uses


  • too expensive
  • price increase because of a skin change on the console
  • should do a separate offer for console only

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