Mattel Minecraft Card Game

mattel minecraft card game

Mattel Minecraft Card Game






The merchandise variety linked to Minecraft just keeps building with the addition of the Mattel Minecraft Card Game! With this unique card game, players have the opportunity to mine, to craft or reserve to win.

In the game, players can “mine” by obtaining resource cards of Wood, Stone, Iron, Diamond, or Gold as pictured above.

Players then use these resource cards to then “craft.” The  Craft Cards earn a player points and If you require a certain Craft Card but you currently do not have enough resources and you’re unable to pay for it, you can put the card in reserve and retrieve later. mattel minecraft game

Crafting cards can be used as tools as well that that have special powers you can you can utilize in your favor. These powers can be used to control the gameplay however you will need to watch out for the TNT and Creeper cards which are always hiding in the deck of spare cards for that unexpected upset!

The first player who reaches the game point goal first is declared the winner!




Mattel Minecraft Card Game

The easiest place to buy this product I would say is Amazon as there are many listings on there. The price ranges from £9.99-£16.99

UK buyers

You can view here:


Amazon USA

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many customers buy this card game and combine it with other little extras as birthday presents or Christmas Stocking Fillers.

most popular are Minecraft sticker books

Minecraft Uno is very popular and is a great way to interact with your children while they still play with their favorite game.

Mine! Craft! Reserve! Win

  • The popular video game Minecraft game is now available as a card game!
  • Just like a video game can be, with the intention of important tools and providing resources collectively to collect but be careful, The Creeper is in on them.
  • Contains 100 cards, 4 credit card holder in Minecraft Design A User Guide.
  • For 2 – 4 players.
  • Ages 8 years and over.

Who is the Product for?

The Mattel Minecraft Card Game is ideal for 2-4 players and is ideal for families and parents to interact and engage with their children.

It is also fun as an after-dinner game as a bit of fun for adults as many adults enjoy gaming so I would not say there is no particular age group or type of person this card game is not suitable for as it’s fun and gives you a choice rather than a conventional pack of cards.

Ideally it is best for children over 8 years but that is just a guideline. Plenty of younger children will know how to play this game better than most adults!


Mattel minecraft cardgame

The Action and Fun Keep Building

The Minecraft Card Game lets players experience all the action and adventure from the game itself while new players can learn in a fun way about Minecraft.

Once the Dealer deals the cards you get the chance to dig deeper into the world of Minecraft and get the hang of the basic fundamentals of the video game. It gives players a good opportunity to mine, craft, and reserve in order to give them a chance to win the card game.


  • Keep building the fun with the Minecraft Card Game
  • Mine, Craft or Reserve to win
  • Includes Resource, Craft, TNT, Creeper, and Wildcards
  • Reach the game point goal first and win
  • A great gift for any Minecraft fan

What I like about the Product

The Mattel Minecraft card game is a good little game to take anywhere with you as its very portable and ideal for holidays and road trips.

It can be a challenging and tactical game and ideal for kids whole enjoy the game of Minecraft and for parents who want to get to know the game and engage with there children. It will prove a little challenging but not too hard to get the hang of and develop your strategies to win a game!

It’s an ideal game to play at family games night!

What I don’t like about the Product

The one thing I found a little tricky was to understand the rules at first but once I got into it when it did not take long at all.

I would advise perhaps to play with someone who has played before or understands the Minecraft game. but it is not something that should stop you buying it.



mattel minecraft game


Final Thoughts

I think this is a good little game and ideal to play after dinner with the kids before bedtime or on holiday even. It’s ideally priced and I found it ideally entertaining and enjoyable when I played with my nephews.

If you like card games and want to try something different then I recommend the Mattel Minecraft Card Game.

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as always its’ been a pleasure passing on my review.

4 Replies to “Mattel Minecraft Card Game”

  1. I love this idea of creating a minecraft card game, i have always been a lover of minecraft so this is amazing to me. It seems like a very fun game and i am interested in getting myself a set to join in the fun. Just a quick question, do you know of any stores that i can get them from a part from amazon

    1. I really enjoyed doing this review as I can picture a family sitting around the table laughing and joking and the kids making fun of mum and dad as they do not understand the game! 

      you can also by this on eBay – Buy Here but there are many second-hand sets mixed in with the brand new sets.

  2. First time coming across the minecraft mattel card game. Going through your review of the game i can see that it is a really cool game for friends and family. It could be interesting and exciting like most of the card games I know. Card games are known to foster closer relationshup between friends , family and strangers alike.  

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