Make Your Own Iron Man Suit!!

build your iron man suit

A Real Ironman Armour For You

Ironman superhero is now an icon

Here at, we don’t just give parents a guide on just Minecraft products! We like to bring to your attention other interactive products that you and your children can do together.

You Know it, I know It and so does the Whole world!! – Iron Man is a Global Icon!

How many kids would like to be Ironman? or How many kids would like to think their Daddy is Iron man? Well now they can as I am bringing you a notification on how to build your very own iron man suit!


iron man Suit


Do you want to be the new Tony Stark – The photo above is an actual costume that has been made from the design manual that is easily downloaded for you to make your very own costume.

Can you Imagine yourself turning up to your children’s party in this suit? just imagine the look on their little faces! Its all about creating memories and this would last a lifetime!

Who’s it For

There are many reasons to download this manual from fun with the kids, letting the kids dress up and the big one – HALLOWEEN!


Let us look at the advantages of an Ironman suit as an adult though. I have mentioned building one as a surprise for your child’s birthday party, haven’t I?

Well, what about as a business venture? There is actually a viable business investment in building your own suit. If you like entertaining kids then why not advertise yourself as Ironman and get paid to visit children’s birthday parties?

You would certainly cover the cost of making the costume and also create a little cash flow at the same time!

If you are very artistic and entrepreneurial then you could also make these costumes to order as they can command a high revenue stream!


How good would your child look in a real authentic Ironman suit? your Son or daughter would look amazing going out trick or treating in the costume!

Making this costume with your child would help stimulate the creative side of their minds and you get to spend time with them while you make it!

This would also be an ideal school project in order to show off those talents.


Iron man Suit

What You Get

What I bring to you here is a guide on how to make this costume. it will look like the real thing.

Now you are probably thinking that this will be an expensive project but your wrong.

By opting to use this guide, you will gain access to what you need and where to find the materials.

You can actually find all the materials you need at your local stores and it should not take you more than a week to build depending on how much time each day you have to work on your very own Iron man costume.


Ironman! Tony Stark

Why buy a guide?

Why would one opt for the ironman suit making guide?

Once you have purchased the information required then all that is needed is for you to download it in a zip file.

the zip file contains everything you need to build your suit, this includes 3D software that is required to view 3D files, the instructions, and 3D images.

Your guide will also come with a complete list of all the materials you need to finish the project but add to that, there are images provided for you to compare your build at each stage of the process.

So to Recap here’s what you will receive:

  • Material List (all you will need to build the suit)
  • Step-by-Step Guide (follow this and you’ll do great)
  • 3D Files (all the files of the suit designed in a 3D Software)
  • Software Viewer (you will get the software necessary to view and print the files) Not available for Mac.
  • Pictures (these will help you to know if you are on the correct path)
  • Videos (to know exactly what to do and how to do it)


The Price

The digital downloadable menu costs $14.99 to buy and is delivered securely and safely via the email address you provide.


Price: $14.99

My rating: 93/100

Buy Here:

Build your own Iron Man suit

8 Replies to “Make Your Own Iron Man Suit!!”

  1. What a great idea for children’s entertainers and it looks so authentic as well!

    It’s great that you can purchase instructions to make this from home if you can’t afford the actual suit!

  2. This is such a great idea, especially with Halloween just around the corner! Do you have any idea how much the materials would set you back? I must say the finished costume looks really good. And you think it should be possible to build it within a week? This really looks like a fun project. 

    1. I think the material costs depends what country and where you buy them. 

      Yes I can’t see why this couldn’t be made inside a week but it all depends on the time the individual has to spare. 

      If you are abe to buy the materials on the same day then you have a full seven days to build it. 

  3. wow what a fun gift and costume for children this Halloween. It’s awesome how it offer you the guide and stuff.

    And it’s only for $14.99 for people who actually can’t afford the suit this will be a great opportunity for them. Thanks for the awesome article you wrote. I bet it’s going to help lots of parents this Halloween.

  4. How fantastic for kids.  And really good you have a full list of what is involved.  I used to make my kids costumes when they had projects for school.  A memorable one was an Egyptian King that I did for my son, I really enjoyed it and the kids love looking like the person they are portraying.  Thanks for sharing this and I am sure it will really help parents for kids who loved the Iron man!

    1. Hi Sharon 

      No problem, thank you! 

      I’m glad you liked the post and I agree, it will give parents an authentic looking iron man costume 

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