LEGO Minecraft The Mine 21118 My Review!

Lego Minecraft the mine

LEGO Minecraft The Mine

My Rating: 90/100Lego minecraft - the mine

Cheapest place to buy:

eBay – price ranges from £30 – £90


Amazon – UK – £90 – £230


Amazon – USA – $230

Although this is a great product I am concerned about the pricing structure from third-party sellers, therefore I urge you to select the right budget for you. In my review, I have tried to explain as much as possible the pros and cons of this product and the alternatives. The pricing can be understood as this is now a limited addition hence the price will rise anyway.

This a very interactive Lego set but I have knocked points off due to the price variation as this is a review for parents to help them decide if it is worth the price. I hope you find it useful!


Why Is It So Expensive?

The Reason why it is so expensive is for one reason and that is because it has been discontinued, this has driven the price up as it is now in high demand especially by collectors.

If you buy this and it remains unopened then it will increase in value over time.



With the LEGO Minecraft – the mine, you can build and play different scenarios within the mine. Your child can build a different version of the Mine if they choose to do so.

The Lego set includes

a mini figure of Steve armed with weapons,

a Creeper,




and includes 926 LEGO pieces as well a mine cart, a huge mine cart track, Redstone, diamond and coal elements, two trees and a torch!



lego minecraft - the mine



Product Description and Features

The product includes a variety of accessories with the main character being Steve who has a sword and a bow for weapons and armour, helmet and a pickaxe to deal with the Creeper, zombie, skeleton and a spider.

Other Features include a  huge mine cart track, mine cart, chest, TNT. There is also a rock face with an explosive function.

Elements included are diamond, Redstone and coal with torches and 2 trees.

This product measures 12″ (32cm) high, 15″ (40cm) wide and 9″ (25cm) deep and consists of a total of 926 lego units in this set.

  • If we take the dearest price of 230 USD/GBP then that works out to 25 cents/pence per Lego brick.
  • If we take the Cheapest price I can find for Brand New of £90 on eBay then it works out to roughly 10 pence a brick.

Broken down in this way I would rather choose another Lego set if I am paying that sort of money that is more worthwhile and stronger structurally like the Minecraft Fortress or the Minecraft Mountain Cave as you will get more for your money.



Who Is It For?

The Lego Minecraft – The Mine is not suitable for novice LEGO builders. If you are purchasing this product for your child to build solo then make sure he is an experienced builder otherwise assistance will be required.

This set will allow for interaction with other Minecraft Lego Sets and has more than one design to build


What I Like And Dislike About The Lego Minecraft – The Mine

All in all, Kids love this Lego set and now it is a limited addtion its increased in price however eBay does have a variety of sets to choose from at much cheaper prices than other places. Also, you can buy used or brand new at the prices shown at the top of the page.

younger children will probably struggle putting the track together as it loops around and through the mine and less experienced kids will certainly need assistance. There is a base plate that helps keep everything on track during the build.

It is likely a two person job which will allow you interaction with your child when building but if they prefer small sets then you can always checkout my other reviews on smaller sets here: My Lego Reviews

Lego Minecraft- The Mine Review

I have researched and looked at reviews left across various websites and all are similar in that customers are happy with the Minecraft Mine but not happy with the price.

This is however due to supply and demand and 3rd party sellers raise the price however for child interaction it is one of the most entertaining sets even if the biuld is challenging.

It is not as stong as other sets so care is needed especially with younger ones who may get frustrated if they knock it.

The Lego minecraft – The Mine is however one of the most fun sets of the Lego minecraft series and it is built in such a way  that if you get two sets, you can put them back to back removing the bottom support bricks of one set, you would then get a complete looping circuit through the mine.

The minecart even has the round nibs on the bottom to guide it along the track!

If you wanted to do this I would suggest going for used sets of eBay in order to keep the costs down unless your budget allows for it!


Final Thoughts

I didn’t want to paint a bad picture of this lego set but as a parent I know what its like to be held to ransom for something for my kids and I hope I have managed to give you some ideal information on where to buy the Minecraft – The mine lego set from and give various options on the prices.

unfortunetely marketers understand that kids are’nt worried about the price of things and parents will always try and get what their children want.

If you have any comments on this product or experiences then I would love to hear about them so just comment below!

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Don’t forget though to check for the confirmation email in your junk mail!!

as always its’ been a pleasure passing on my review.





The Lego Minecraft The Mine


value for money


easy to build


interaction and engagement







  • entertaining once built
  • highly rating reviews on Amazon
  • limited edition - collectors Item
  • compatible with other Lego Sets


  • prices vary due to limited edition status
  • not for novice builders
  • reduced places to buy

6 Replies to “LEGO Minecraft The Mine 21118 My Review!”

  1. Lego is such a great Christmas present for kids as it keeps them occupied throughout Christmas Day. Minecraft Lego is even better as so many kids love Minecraft nowadays!! This looks so much fun I want to play it! Ha , thank you for the review. THis will be a good present for my little cousin tho year, I haven’t started my presents shopping yet 

    1. Wow Jade I normally leave it until Christmas Event this year I am all organised! I’m all done! 

      Lego and especially Minecraft Lego is really good and stimulating. As the game itself is pixelated and uses blocks to build, the lego sets look very much like the buildings in the game.

      Lego and Minecraft compliment each other very well!

  2. Oh this is pretty awesome – my eldest son loves Star Wars Lego and also loves Minecraft on the xBox One! This will make a great change for him and also a great Christmas present. 

    One question though – do the various sets fit onto this main mine set – are they all made so that one compliments the other, like the Star Wars Lego?

    1. Like Star Wars the minecraft sets all compliment each other so you can end up with a massive world. 

      Also some sets compliment other lego niches as well, if you was looking for an Endor theme for Ewoks then I would suggest the Minecraft Crafting Box as there are 8 scenes to build, this set interacts with every lego set I can think off as its highly versatile.

  3. This Lego would definitely not be resisted by any kid! It reminds me of how badly I would want to put the pieces together in my childhood to create impressive features that surpases what others could build. It was a real creativity building at that stage and I can still recall those moment like today upon reading your post. 

    Whiles I find this expensive as you’ve said, I think it would be nice to pass this article to my sister. She has twins and getting this lego Minecraft would be nice. I hope she buys into it. Thanks for your information.  

    1. Hi 

      Happy I can help then that justifies the time and effort I put into this website. 

      It seems all lego is expensive nowadays but when you do break it down to brick by brick on average a set costs 9pence per brick and out of that labour, materials,packaging,energy to make and logistics all have to go into the cost of that unit.

      it doesn’t;t seem that bad when you look at that way.

      best wishes

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