Lego Minecraft The Farm Cottage

Minecraft The Farm cottage

Lego Minecraft The Farm Cottage

Made by: Lego

Product rating : 93/100

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Price: £54.99 – Lego set consists of 549 units at a cost of 10 pence per unit.


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Lego Minecraft - The Farm Cottage


The Lego Minecraft farm cottage allows you to team up with Steve and Alex so you can build a really cool farm cottage that is designed to be built by the water either by a nice pond or on a lazy river bend. The farm cottage as in the game gives great detail, inside a very nice cosy interior for Alex to relax after a hard days work.

Let your Childs imagination run wild as it would in the game!

Set markers to locate where you are going to grow your carrots or your wheat and find the best position for your beetroot to grow.

You will be able to decide the right location for an animal pen for your piglets to live as well!

As in the Minecraft game the farm cottage and it’s crops will need to be protected from unwanted guests such as rabbits who will eat all your crops given the chance.

Your first task once you are settled will have to be in protecting your crops against the rabbits, however you must not forget to feed your animals.Make sure you do not forget your bail of high so your can donkey remains well fed! You will need to make sure he is nice and healthy and strong enough to help you transport your crops for harvest.

You will also need to keep a careful watch for the skeleton of of a night. The Skeleton roams  around after nightfall so make sure your cottage is secure and your animals protected.


Product description

Lego Minecraft farm cottage consists of two Lego Minecraft figures based on the the main characters of the Minecraft game via Steve and Alex.

The farm cottage is a two level building with a detailed interior.

far cottage interior

Animals included within the set are:  a donkey, baby pig,rabbit and a baby rabbit.

Also included in the farm cottage Lego set is that skeleton that roams around at night!

This product is suitable for children between the ages of eight and 18 years old years of age but it is not recommended for under 8’s because of the small pieces involved in the Lego set.

The farm cottage Lego set consists of 549 units at a price of £54.99 that works out to 10p Per unit.


Safety Warning

The safety warning will warn of choking hazards for any age group but it sternly warns that children under the age of 4 should not play with this Lego set and any children should have adult supervision.

Benefits of the product

This product as I have said previously is ideal for children to stimulate their imagination and to get them off the computers.

Minecraft is a brilliant game that will occupy children for many hours as it is still not healthy for them to be on the computer all the time.

Lego is a perfect way to entice the children of the computer and for them to play their favourite game in real life.

Minecraft and Lego compliment each other as they both use blocks to build their models.

Minecraft on the computer and Lego in real life! 

Together Lego and Minecraft bring the game to reality and let the children spend more time using their imagination off line and not online.

The Minecraft Lego Farm Cottage

What I don’t like about the Product

I’ve mentioned earlier in my review the price of the farm cottage Lego set.

The price for this set is £54.99. the set  consists of 549 units. This works out to 10p a unit of 10p per Lego brick.

If you take into account the production and logistics and packaging that goes into making just one set then 10 pence per brick does not sound a lot of money, However other Lego sets can work out cheaper as some are priced at 5 to 7 pence per unit or per Lego brick.

Although this is a decent Lego set, there are cheaper Minecraft Lego sets available but saying that this set is compatible with all other Minecraft Lego sets.

I just want you to make the best choice for your budget.

To buy this product go through to the Minecraftoys store:

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Final Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed my review and I hope it helps you make the right choice in watch you purchase.

If you wish to go ahead or you are interested in purchasing this product you can do so I’m on my online shop just click here And you will go through to my E-commerce Shop That is directly linked to my Amazon Shop.

Amazon provides the best customer service and the best delivery options also gives you the best buyer protection and guarantees as Amazon is all about customer service this is why I recommend this platform to buy your products from.

Please feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below if you have already bought this product or if have any questions on this product I would be interested to hear your views and to help you answer those questions that you may have.




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    1. If it did not come with the flooring pieces and was supposed to then I would return it as the Minecraft Cottage should come with everything as shown on the packaging.

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