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minecraft fortress
Product code: LEGO 21127 Minecraft the Fortress

Overall Ranking: 96/100

Price: £74.99 – £125.99

Owners: Lego

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The Lego Minecraft fortress will kick start your children’s creativity and imagination in an era where all too often the computer and virtual reality dominates our kids’ lives.

With LEGO Minecraft the ever growing and evolving online game world is brought to real life and to the fingertips of Children and some adults with LEGO bricks another innovative company that encourages creativity, a perfect partnership in my view.

You can now build Lego Minecraft fortress in3D reality and bring the game to life.

The fortress comes with large pressure-plated doors, lookout towers, decorative Creeper banners, barred windows, water and farm areas and a prison with door-opening function.

Light the fires and torches to ward off the approaching skeleton army. Weapons include 5 swords and 3 skeleton bows.

Measuring 48 x 9.4 x 37.8 cm and weighing 1.8kgs I’d recommend this Lego set for children over 8 but with adult supervision for under 9’s as stated on the instructions.



In my opinion Minecraft is one of the most creative games available online today.

With this range by LEGO it brings the game to life putting that action in a 3D real time environment.

Getting your child to play with the Lego Minecraft sets helps on the saving on the electricity bill as well!

Another advantage of the Lego Minecraft fortress in particular is that you are not confined to building one design. This set actually lets you build different designs.

Rapid alterations from gatehouse to keep to towers, or fortified walls is easily taken on while the Scale of this product is very similar to the Lego city range. The figures keep in line with the Minecraft theme as they have square heads instead of the custom round heads that we associate with other Lego themes although some may prefer a more traditional looking figure but I would say that’s personal preference. 

There are 984 Lego pieces I this set so which will keep a child occupied for a very long time as they will certainly come up with their own designs.




I would suggest the Lego Minecraft fortress is not appropriate for children under the age of 9 without adult supervision however I am not going to restrict the age limit in my review as most certainly adult Lego and Minecraft enthusiast will most certainly want this in their collection.

It is extremely ideal for stimulating a child’s imagination and getting them away from the computer and enhancing visual development.


If you was to buy this product in the shops you would probably be looking at £125 however I have sourced this set on amazon for £74.99 and if you are already a prime member then this will include free delivery.

With 984 pieces that’s approx. 8p per Lego brick. If you look at it like that it’s not such a bad price!




As a boy I loved playing with my toy soldiers and wooden fort, Lego Minecraft fortress just updates this play to the 21st century child so I would recommend this product or any Lego Minecraft product.

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Lego Minecraft Fortress review




easy to build


price per brick







  • child's creativity
  • Hands on
  • multiple designs in one
  • highly detailed
  • hand/eye cordination


  • beware of price difference

24 Replies to “Lego Minecraft Fortress – 21127 review”

  1. This looks absolutely amazing and an ideal birthday gift for my son’s 7th Birthday. He loves lego and he loves minecraft so this is perfect! Anything that takes him away from the computer and back to good old fashioned toys is a definite winner in my eyes! And a great exscuse for mummy’s and daddy’s to play too!!

    1. Thanks Rosie

      The computer age has a lot to answer for hasn’t it!
      Oh yes it’s always better if we can play to!

  2. Wow this takes me right back to my childhood! My kids would love this, a definite contender for Santa’s list. I’ve always supported minecraft as it is so creative and brings back what is missing in our children imagination and creativity!!

  3. I remember playing with Legos with older themes when I was a kid. Minecraft is a game which is huge these days and this product will work for tons of kids’ entertainment. This is a very good gift idea for my cousin. He is into Minecraft as well as Lego and this is the perfect blend of those two. He can create his Minecraft creations in his play room. What other product would you recommend for him?

    1. Hi  Brady 

      Thank you for your engagement.

      I would suggest a few more smaller Lego sets? The prices on the smaller sets are good value aswell. 

      Another  review I have done is on the nether railway set. This is perfect for children who like minecraft ,Lego and  trains. 

      He sounds like a very creative young man! 

  4. I love legos. I am actually 21 years old but I love them. I remember that when I was younger my mom usually bought these “fake” legos that were so much cheaper but not as good as leggier for real hahaha. Great review! I will pass this post to my sister that normally buy legos for her son

    1. Hi Javier

      Yes I think I had similar Lego aswell as normal Lego, that’s very kind I look forward to your sisters comments!

  5. Wow. I honestly didn’t even know this existed. But this seems pretty cool. I have a nephew living with me who is approaching 2 soon. I think eventually he would like something like this. I will spread the word to my younger cousins and direct them here. Thanks for sharing.

  6. It is a good product, and Lego is always an excellent alternative for a gift. Some kids are builders by nature, and others who are from the Star Wars era and Lego has it all !! Great post!

  7. I think this is great for the kids today especially as you mentioned the computers and how they have ruined a lot of imagination building that we grew up with. I had model airplanes and Lego blocks to be creative with. This is a really nice set large enough to let the imagination go wild.

    1. Hi Ronnie

      It gets them off the computer doesn’t it and so does some of the other toys when which they can take on a woodland walk.

      My kids love lego and the model planes, We’ve just finished an F-15 strike eagle

  8. I’m not a child but still love Lego as they always come up with new creative ideas on their building blocks. And this minecraft looks amazing by the way and hope this will be a best present for my nephew on his birthday. Thanks to this review which made clear my head on the present – Have a wonderful week 🙂

    1. Hello
      I totally get where your coming from and lets face it building and being creative is in our DNA so go for it!

      I still play and build stuff with my kids until I do it wrong and get fired!

      best wishes to you

  9. I’ve always had a love for lego and with my son almost turning 2 he’s getting to that age where I have an excuse to play with it and build towns and cities hahaha. You’ve just gave me a hit of nostalgia so I thank you for that!

    1. ha ha Your welcome!! happy to oblige and glad to see your son is enjoying Lego and learning to be creative!

      best wishes

  10. Price


    easy to build


    price per brick






    Wow how can certain companies and people actually vary the prices so much?

    I think this is very useful and thankyou for taking the time to write and source this information.

    Lego is not cheap as it is.

  11. Price


    easy to build


    price per brick






    I’ve bought this for my son and it is a totally brilliant Lego set with loads of different scenarios to set up.

    I just wished I’d seen this article before I bought it as I paid more for mine.

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