LEGO Minecraft Sets and Why The Crafting Box Set Is Your Best Buy

Lego Minecraft rafting box

LEGO 21116 Minecraft Crafting Box



The Minecraft Lego Crafting box is a good idea, right? How many of us Parents buy Lego for the kids only for it to be lost and Lego sets remain incomplete?

Then The Crafting box is your best buy!      minecraft crafting box

Apart from Steve, Skeleton and Mooshroom as main characters the rest of the set is made up of random blocks that include:

Redstone blocked and elements called lapis lazuli. Also included in the crafting box are torches, plants, an oven, TNT, and wheat. You will also find a  periodic table.

The instruction manual enables you to build from the Eight different models or you can copy the pictures to build other Biomes that you find in Minecraft. This product really lets you dig into your imagination and creativity.

My Opinion

My Rating:

Minecraft Crafting Box – 98/100


Best Place to buy:

Amazon (on sale 20% cheaper than other sites):

UK Price: £59.99

buy minecraft here



USA Price: $49.99 – $89.99


buy Minecraft crafting box here




I’ve given this Lego Minecraft set a rating due to the diversity of what you can build with the pieces which give’s the crafting box excellent value for money.

I feel that this set is the best overall set in the Minecraft Lego series.

You don’t have to be a minecraft fan to like this lego set.

This set can imitate minecraft landscapes which gives it that uniqueness and transferable uses to any lego setthat require a landscape to finish the model off. Minecraft and lego combine so well it may even get a child interested in playimng Minecraft online. If you like Lego surely you will like Minecraft.

This set is highly flexible for all Lego Minecraft sets! 

Minecraft Lego Crafing box - multiple builds


If you, or you have a child who collects lego sets, builds them as the instructions show you, The crafting box xcomes into its own. You can design your own creations or simply extend instruction biuld custom sets.

The Minecraft Crafting box will save a large amount of money over more expensive Minecrft builds that are more for enthusiasts and hobby biulders.

Buying two or three Minecraft crafting boxes will cost less than the Mountain cave and will give you twice as much diversity in your your own design of it.

What I Don’t Like About It

Theres not much to dislike about this lego set. The only draw back I would have is that make sure you buy it from an Amazon Fulilment centre and not a rpivate seller as if you have to return it then it may prove expensive if it has been shipped from a private seller from a different country. Fulfiment centres tend to ship from the same country.


What You Get

The set incudes an array of inventory:

  • Figures: Steve with an accessory, skeleton and mooshroom,
  • accesories: skeleton’s bow, pickaxe
  • 521 assorted LEGO bricks
  • Elements include Redstone and lapis , torches, plants, oven, TNT, mature wheat and a periodic table poster with the LEGO Minecraft elements
  • Combinesperfectly with other biomes in the Minecraft Lego series to help you create your own LEGO Minecraft world
  • Rebuild options using the 8-in-1 building instructions or inspirational images and scenarios for more LEGO Minecraft adventures
  • Measures 3″ (10cm) high, 12″ (31cm) wide and 9″ (22cm) deep

The ideal ages for this set is between 8 and 12 years however I think it is suitable for all ages considering Lego the variety of ways you can use this lego set. I would say 8 years and over and not cap the age for it.


Lego Minecraft crafting box




The Lego Minecraft crafting box really compliments the Lego Minecraft series.

Are you a serious Lego collector? Is your goal is to buy and build every Minecraft lego set? Then the Crafting box is perfect for joining them all together to make one giant Minecraft Biome for your collection.

If you like to think outside the box and want to add your own style to any Lego builds then again this set is absolutley perfect for you.

I would recommend the Minecraft Crafting box as my Number one Lego set to buy


There are various adverts on Amazon for this set so I suggest for my USA audience to check the reviews and reputation of the sellers although there is more for sale in the U.S than the U.K. and some do send internationally.

I hope you enjoyed my review on LEGO Minecraft Sets and Why The Crafting Box Set Is Your Best Buy and I wish you luck with your decision on what you want to do but for me, this is the most versatile Lego set I have reveiwed.






23 Replies to “LEGO Minecraft Sets and Why The Crafting Box Set Is Your Best Buy”

  1. This is cool.  I just bought this for our neighbour’s son just a week ago.  I didn’t buy if from Amazon because I took my kids shopping at a great store and they found it.

    He’s right into Mindcraft on and off his iPad and loves lego as well.

    This is a great set and he shows that by the things he builds.

  2. My 10 year old daughter was saving her money to by the Lego Minecraft set. After she looked around she decided to get this one, and waiting patiently for it to arrive.

    It has a lot pieces and she spends many days building Lego / Minecraft style sets.  It cam with a booklet with eight different projects. This has kept her and her friends busy for hours, and she has had a few sleep overs where they just build different scenes.

     I  recommend this set for any Mineraft fan who likes Legos, I am sure there are a lot of crossovers.

    1. HI James 

      The Minecraft lego sets are all about creating the engagement off-line and your daughter is showing how this works.

      The great thing about the craft box is that it is transferable to other lego themes, especially to add background scenes.

      it is extremely versatile hence I feel strongly that it is one of the most versatile Lego sets and the best to get your moneys worth from.

  3. Hi,

    this set is so beautiful. I remember playing with mine and I still have it. Iespecially like this one because it is related to Minecraft. This is so cool – Minecraftand LEGO match even more cause they are both like pixels aligned one to another.Price is also nice for this package. Thanks for this post, it evoked some great memories.



    1. I’m very humbled by your comment and I am glad I recalled some happy memories for you.

      Best wishes 


  4. OMG my best-friend’s son will love the Minecraft Crafting Box Lego set.  He is 7 years old now and he still loves the Minecraft video game and plays it all the time.  I definitely see myself buying the Minecraft Crafting Box Lego set for Christmas, because for that price who can resist.  

    Your review was very helpful



  5. My pet peeve while buying Lego toys, is how much they hurt when you step on them. My granddaughter loves building Lego toys so this may be exactly what she needs. Plus when we order from Amazon they arrive within 3 to 4 days. So she’s not gonna have to wait forever, of course she’s getting this at Christmas so she probably will be waiting for a while.I’m not a Lego collector nor am I into the Lego mine craft series. But I know some family members who are, I will get on ordering this right away. Thanks for the heads up.

    1. hi 

      Your welcome and yes I’ve done that a few times, it is painful! 

      The good thing about the Minecraft crafting box is that it’s so versatile it can be incorporated into other Lego themes. 

  6. This is a perfect review for me since I have a couple of new step children coming into the family and I think this is an excellent gift idea.  I’m a big fan of hands on learning toys and hobbies like this LEGO Minecraft Crafting box.  I know kids love video games and hand held devices (and they have their place) but it brings me joy to see kids use their imagination and hands to bring to life their vision.

    Thanks for a great holiday idea…you did a great job with the review…and it sounds like a super value considering the hours of entertainment it provided.

    1. Hi Tim 

      Thankyou and I hope you find a great gist for your step children. If they like Lego then I think this would

      Make a great gift. 

      Glad I could help 


  7. Many schools are trying to build Maker’s Space. This will be an excellent set to have students create with. I know a lot of kids are into Minecraft online. I wonder if two box sets will be enough for a class. I think I’ll wait on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Reguardless, the kids are going to really enjoy it. 

    1. I suppose it all depends on the project the class is making. The good thing is you can have that as part of the lesson, calculating the material amount for the build perhaps?

  8. Hello,

    Thank you this article, has certainly brought back memories when I son was much younger (his 31 now). Anyway, I can certainly say that buying “Lego” for my son was one of great pleasure. He was always looking for a new set to work on or to exchange with his play friends.  Each set purchase may him very happy and he truly enjoy working on creating or putting them together.   

    I recommend Lego to any parent to buy for their children. It provide hours of challenge, sharing with friends and developing their think and solving skills. 

    This particular set – Lego Minecraft – is great and I will certainly buy it for my nephew who is into building and the holidays are just around the corner.

    Thank you again for the article.

    Very Best,


    1. hi 

      Your more than welcome  and I’m glad my article has been a worthwhile read for you.

      Best wishes 

      Darren o

  9. This is great! My son (12), my nephews (12&15;), All love Minecraft. They would really enjoy this minecraft crafting box. They have been playing mine craft and also building LEGO from they were much smaller. Personally I think they’re a little old for that, but who am I to judge. 

    Thanks for sharing! This might be an awesome gift for the holidays.

    1. hi Brenda 

      Glad you enjoyed this review! It’s a great piece of kit and also fits right in with other themed Lego sets 

  10. Perfect timing for this post.  Christmas is right around the corner and I have a niece that loves minecraft.  Personally I have no idea about what it is or what the hype is about but I think that might just be an age difference thing.  What sold me is that you can build eight different models.  Thanks again, one gift done so many more to go…..

    1. hi Tom 

      Yes the real experts my friend are the children! I really enjoyed writing this review as the product is so versatile! 



  11. Hi

    One word Lego.

    I can never get tired of Lego even at my age. lol

    Loved this review because it brought me right back to my childhood. lol

    This Lego Minecraft editions looks like so much fun it would be hard to chose just one.  Thank you about the tip on if one needs to return the it and where to purchase it from, much appreciated.

    I have shared this review on social media mainly because of the really valuable point that you made about where to purchase it and checking the returns policy.

    Thank you


    1. hi Jennifer 

      I really appreciate you sharing this for me, that’s really kind of you.

      It is a very versatile product 


      Darren y

  12. Hi it’s great seeing this. Just yesterday I took my wife and kids  to the Lego shop in London. My so. Loves Lego and I saw some Minecraft Lego stuff there. I think this product is quite a good idea for a cool Xmas gift and and I’ll show it to my wife and see what she thinks too. Thanks for sharing, Kenny 

    1. hi Kenny 

      Yes it would make a good gift. I’ve been to the Lego shop I London, it took all day to get my son out of there! Ha ha 

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