Minecraft’s Lego Mountain Cave Review

LEGO Minecraft 21137 The Mountain Cave Construction Toy

Minecraft’s Lego Mountain Cave Review


If you are a serious Lego collector then the LEGO Minecraft 21137 The Mountain Cave Construction Toy is a serious bit of Lego!

The price is pretty expensive however if you think of the amount of Lego units per price when it’s broken down then you will understand why. I will explain this shortly.

The experience you get building  Minecraft’s Mountain Cave and all its features will give you an amazing sense of achievement once you complete the project.

The Mountain Cave has some great features including a mine cart track with a red stone powered minecart elevator, and a vast array of other features and functions.

You can contend with TNT blasting, a rotating spider‑spawner charged Creeper™ explosion plus a lava burst. 

You can position the light brick to light up and illuminate the rotating spider-spawner, wall of red stone, jack o’lantern, first-night shelter, furnace, lava or the torch above the cave entrance while enjoying a hands-on Minecraft adventure!

The LEGO Minecraft 21137 The Mountain Cave Construction lets you act out scenarios with your favorite characters including Steve and Alex plus a charged Creeper that is included with other Mobs totaling 13 in all that consists of a cave spider, wolf, baby wolf, slime, 2 small slimes’, 2 bats, zombie, enderman, skeleton, sheep.


Minecraft Mountain Cave Lego Set

Best Places to Buy

There are many places you can buy this product from however if you want the piece of mind then you cannot beat Amazon for there speed of delivery.

I would recommend only buying from sellers that have their stock fulfilled by Amazon. Not only will it be delivered by Amazon but you are then covered by their customer service regulations.

My rating:  95/100 

This is based on the amount of detail that has gone into this product and how detailed it is. I must stress again that this is a massive Lego set that once built should stay assembled.

LEGO Minecraft 21137 The Mountain Cave Construction Toy

My purchase recommendation:

Uk and Europe customers:               £260                            buy here now!

USA and Canada customers:          $249.99(from)            buy here now!

That’s 9p / 9c per brick!

ASIN Number: B0735PY54Q

Although these prices look very expensive and I agree with you, I just wanted to take a moment to break the price down. Products are priced to take into consideration the cost of making the product. In order to make a product, you require staff, materials, machinery, fuel costs, distribution and the mark up from stockists.

The Lego Minecraft mountain cave has 2863 Lego units in the set. When broken down that works out to 9 pence/cents per unit once all of the above has been worked out.



The dimensions of this Lego set will need a decent sized space to display it once you have built it as it measures in at:

12” (31cm) high, 20” (53cm) wide and 11” (29cm) deep

So be sure you have the room!

It also weighs in at 5.1kg or 11.24lbs! This is truly the biggest Minecraft Lego set that has been produced!


Who is it for?

As I have mentioned this is a massive Lego set and therefore Lego advises an age of 12 years and over. Any younger than 10 years and I expect it would not be appreciated as young children.

I would say that the price bracket classes this Lego set as a set for a Lego enthusiast and serious Lego collector but that is not to say children are not serious about their Lego as I have two at home who are Lego crazy. One builds Lego and they are put on a display cabinet in his room while the other builds then breaks them up. guess who is the eldest and the youngest!

What I would like to make very clear for anyone who is a big fan of Lego and that is you do not have to be a Minecraft fine to build the site as it would be a challenge for any Lego enthusiast.

The Lego Minecraft Mountain Cave is the flagship of the Minecraft Lego project and it is the pinnacle of the Minecraft Lego collection and as always all other Minecraft Lego sets are compatible with the Mountain Cave.


What’s in the box?

The price unit breakdown is 9 pence/cents as I mentioned earlier. The other advantage of this set is that you can also add many natural colors to your Lego inventory.

Here’s a rough breakdown of some of the pieces that help make up this amazing set:

eighteen 2×2, eight 2×6,twelve 6×6 khaki green plates

twenty-nine 2×2 bricks

18 2×2 slopes in translucent-blue,

twelve 1×4 masonry bricks

seven 6×6 plates in nougat,

many basic bricks and plates in white, tan and reddish-brown.

The bulk of the set is pale gray, including basic pieces such as: 62 1×2 bricks, 56 2×6 bricks, 28 2-stud wide wall panels, 18 2×4 tiles, 46 1×6 tiles, 36 1×6 bricks, 10 1×16 bricks and 18 1×16 LEGO Technic bricks plus 28 1×2 corner bricks, 83 1x2x2 bricks to name but a few!

There are other colors involved such as different shades of greens’, yellows’, orange, reds, blues, darker grays, black, and see-through colors.


mountain cave lego units      mountain cave lego pieces


Although there are so many pieces to put together it is not all a momentous task as with this set like all minecraft sets you can build large pieces separately enabling you to change the design of your Mountain Cave. On the back of the instruction manual it actually gives you alternative layouts that you can try, because of the large units built separately you have the capacity to design your own structures.

There is a moving feature that runs the entire way on the mountain cave set and that is the Mine cart track plus Elevator. A set that will really compliment this for play is the Lego Minecraft The Nether Railway set. number: 21130

mountain cave lego pieces

You can download the full manual : here


The Mountain Cave Lego set is the ultimate challenge for any Lego Minecraft enthusiast and that of any Lego fan. The price is on the expensive side so be sure that you are going to be serious about building and maintaining this set as it will look awesome for any Lego display.

The structure is really solid and you will have fun playing with it especially when you combine other sets to create your own realm.

I would recommend this set  but for serious Lego fans as it would be sad to build and then smash up only to lose bits and pieces because of the price tag although even then you are bulking up on 2000 plus Lego pieces!


TO BUY :    click here to buy


I hope this review helps you and wish you luck on your build!

































6 Replies to “Minecraft’s Lego Mountain Cave Review”

  1. The detail that you put into this review is outstanding! My kids love Minecraft and Legos so before buying I would come back to your site every time. I also like that you put the information in there about making sure that Amazon is fulfilling the orders, absolutely true information there. I think it is great that you also gave a list of what would be included inside the box, very nice detail. Thank you for all of the detailed information and I can tell that you are trying to provide as much detail as you can for the consumer, very user friendly. Way to go!

    1. Hi Elizabeth

      Thank you for your comments and yes I put a lot of time and research into this review to make sure Parents were not getting ripped off. It is a quality Lego set and for the price, I wanted to be as detailed as possible. your kind words have reinforced my efforts.



  2. Omagoodness! How long would it take to put that thing together!? Haha it looks super awesome, but it sure does look intimidating! Loved the video. I’m a super visual person so I always enjoy those! Thanks for including the ages, because I wouldn’t know by looking at it how difficult it really is or isn’t to put together. My nephew is 7 and is super into Legos, the thought had crossed my mind to get him something like this. But after reading this review, I’m guessing he’s a bit young to appreciate it – like you said. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Hi Courtney, yes I think 7 is a bit too young to take this on as it is a massive Lego set. perhaps when he’s older as he will appreciate it more, plus the price is too much to pay for a child of 7 as they never keep the pieces together. I speak from experience lol.

      Might I suggest one of the smaller sets for him to try, my lego review page features various Minecraft Lego sets plus a few Ninjago sets as well.

      many thanks


  3. Hello Darren,

    Minecraft is an awesome game to play. Now building a cave with Lego and use your hands instead of your computer must be a lot of fun, so for young and old. This would be the perfect set to do this with your kids, so instead they are just playing behind the computer, animate them to build it for real. This is fun and good for their continues development. I think this is the perfect Christmas gift.

    Thank you for bringing this up. It is truly amazing to see what Lego offers and a must for any Minecraft collector.

    1. Hi

      Thank you for taking the time to read my review and I’m glad you liked it.

      It is a good gift which is engaging and stimulating, its also a lego builders challenge!!

      Lego and Minecraft are a perfect fit, aren’t they!

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