lego masters 2018

Lego Masters

In the UK the next series of Lego Masters is due to be aired. Contestants have to show off their skill set and compete against each other to win the Lego Masters Title.


Lego Masters 2018


Eight of the best amateur brick builders in the UK will be able to showcase their imaginations in their creations to win the title. Their creations will be judged by Fran Scott and Lego Groups Vice President of design Matthew Ashton.


The Show will be hosted by Melvin Odoom who hosted Lego Masters 2017.

The Contestants line up as Eight Teams of two an consists of various ages. There is even a Dad and Daughter team in this year’s contest.

Lego masters 2018

What’s the show about?

Lego Masters is searching for the UK and Ireland’s best LEGO builders.

Teams can be amde up of any duo. There is a varied mix of people from parents and children to university students, as long as you are passionate about Lego then you can enter!

Contestants Selection

Contestants are selected via auditions at the start of each year and literally, there are thousands of applicants. The numbers are whittled down to eight teams with carefully designed challenges.

These challenges are designed to examine team work, creativity, imagination and skill. There are two challenges to complete in the Lego Masters auditions.

One of the reasons this program has attracted so many contestants form diverse backgrounds is just that, it is for all age groups as not only is it fun but there are technical skilles involved in order to create the structures in Lego.


Guest Judges

As well as two resident judges there will be celebrity guest judges throughout the series who are all Lego fans. The judges lined up fpor Legomasters 2018 are: Paddy McGuinness, Rob Beckett, Johnny Vegas, Chris Ramsey and Sue Perkins 


Legomasters will start during the beginning of November as a knockout conest where a team will leave each week.

I thought I’d do a quick blog of this program as it’s different from the normal contestsd that are on TV that generally are based around cooking or singing contests.

drop me a comment below if you are watching this program or interested!


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